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German for Students
For students who encounter difficulties in LV1 or LV2 or those who simply seek to improve, learn and discover German - by improving the personal method of learning. Also suitable for preparing a stay abroad, gaining confidence - all with PLEASURE. The most: possibility to approach THEATER and CHANT in German! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- TRUST AND COMPETENCE - I give importance to each area (oral and written production and comprehension), according to the needs of the student. In tutoring, we begin with the content of the course to ensure its understanding and to deepen it. In a second step, we work on a material outside the course to increase curiosity and vary the content, while avoiding boredom. - I often work with texts, bases to approach as well written comprehension as pronunciation (by reading) and different points of grammar. - The course can take place exclusively in German depending on the level. - My pedagogy is based on personal motivation, coming from the student, and on self-confidence. Remove the constant fear of error to get started and progress faster. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- CULTURE AND PLEASURE, allies of PROGRESS - an opening to the Germanic cultural world is brought as well as numerous advice in literature, cinema, music etc. - Depending on the student's wishes, it is possible to deepen a specific competence (such as pronunciation or fluency in oral, written comprehension). I remain open to the wishes and proposals of the students. It is thus conceivable to analyze a film, a text, to approach pieces of music or texts of opera ....) THE MOST: Possibility of exercises in singing and theater (in the language of course!) - The work of a song or a monologue for example, allows to associate language with pleasure and to make rapid progress (This approach is supported by my continued practice of singing and theater). -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ EXPERIENCE Teacher of French, German, English - I have been teaching German courses since 2007 and have helped students from the 6th to the Terminale. - English courses given to students of 5th and 3rd year 2012-2013. -I currently teach German as a second-year student as well as a pupil of CM1 and give tutoring classes to students of Foreign Languages ​​at Lyon 2 University. - RESULTS: Increasing motivation among students and higher academic results! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ FRENCH - Concerning French, my literary training, my interest in literature, method and writing (writing a master's thesis) are indisputable assets for me to offer my support to the students of college. In addition, I taught French as a Foreign Language to an adult preparing a major examination in Germany (which she obtained). And corrected and translated the linguistic works of a German researcher teacher.
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