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42 english teachers in Boulogne‑Billancourt

Trusted teacher: Undergraduate student in hotel and restaurant management at the start of the next school year (bac + 3), I started my studies with my baccalaureate in literature then with my BTS (bac + 2) in management and hotel and catering management. My lessons are planned for all levels from the youngest to adults. Before each lesson, you will be asked your level, so that I can work with the student according to his level. I help your children for their future diploma (baccalaureate, BTS, university degree) as well as for homework help and understanding for the youngest. According to the desired course, the age and the level of the student, my courses will aim to improve you in the English, Spanish, French or Serbian language, to improve your spelling, your grammar, your oral. To teach you how to write an essay, a dissertation, an argument .. you also teach French literature more in depth through the Middle Ages and the different centuries possible. Ditto for the story. For management and management courses, they will allow you to deepen your knowledge if you want to get started in opening your own business or to deepen your knowledge (bac + 2 level). My courses will be based on learning management and in-depth management (depreciation schedule, VAT, stocks, compensation, trade, marketing, communication ...). My management and management courses can also serve you for the idea of a future project. I help you to create your project file from A to Z through the main idea of the project, the choice of the place, the choice of the bank, the catchment area, the turnover over the first 5 years to come ... For language courses: English and Spanish are for beginner and intermediate level. For Serbian lessons the level is beginner, intermediate and experienced. The objective is to share my know-how with you in order to allow you to improve in the subjects offered according to your level. Any age is possible and nothing is impossible so don't dare to start learning a new language at any age.
Spelling · Business management · English
FR: Ces cours de conversation se baseront sur une approche personnalisée puisqu'il s'agit de vous et de votre niveau. Je vous demanderai ce que vous souhaitez apprendre ou perfectionner en particulier, les sujets qui vous intéressent, les motivations derrière ces cours de conversation, etc... afin de pouvoir établir la façon la plus appropriée, pour vous, d'améliorer votre anglais. Par le biais d'une rencontre chez vous, chez moi ou dans un lieu public de votre choix, j'évaluerai votre niveau, puis, par l'étude de votre profil et centres d’intérêts, je vous enverrai des articles à lire, des films à regarder, des biographies d'artistes ou des œuvres d'art à étudier par exemple, pour que nous puissions en discuter le cours suivant. Je peux également fournir un travail de traduction du Français à l'Anglais (vice-versa) et peux vous préparer pour un éventuel entretien si vous le souhaitiez. L'anglais est une langue facile d'accès, surtout lorsque l'on part du Français, autrement plus complexe. La conversation sert justement à se détendre vis à vis de la gêne que l'on peut ressentir lorsqu'on est mal à l'aise avec une langue étrangère. Il faut se souvenir que le plus important au début, ce n'est pas l'accent, mais de réussir à communiquer ses idées. À partir de cette première étape, vient le perfectionnement. Mes cours ne se passeront sans aucun jugement de votre niveau initial, quel qu'il soit: nous commençons tous un jour! Je garantis de réels progrès rapidement. J'ai hâte de Vous rencontrer! EN: These conversation classes will be based on a personalized approach, it is about you and your own level. I will be attentive to what your aims are, the topics that are of interest to you, the motivations behind these lessons and so forth, in order to establish the most relevant way for you to perfect your English. Through a first meeting, I will assess your level and then, through an in-depth analysis of your profile, I will send you articles to read, films to watch, artists' biographies or art pieces to study for example, that we could discuss during the following classes. I can also provide translation work from French to English (vice versa) and can prepare you for a possible interview. English is an accessible language, certainly not as complex as French. The main purpose of these conversation classes is to relax and free oneself from the sense of judgment one can feel when not fully confident with the language. You must remember that the most important thing is not the accent, but to succeed in communicating your ideas. Once this first milestone is reached, then comes the improvement of your accent. My lessons will happen organically, without any preconceptions regarding your initial level, whatever that may be: we all have to start somewhere! With a little patience and stamina, I guarantee your real progress quickly. I look forward to meeting you soon!
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Specialized teacher offers lessons/help with homework (Paris)
Jennifer is kind and encouraging. I am a beginner and after only one session I feel like I have learned so much. I would highly recommend Jennifer.
Review by WHITNEY
Learning courses and / or rapid refresher courses (middle school, high school students, adults ...) (Courbevoie)
Lila is a fun and lovely person and it’s amazing to learn how to speak French from her. I hope to continue !
Review by GINA
Business English lessons for adults and General English lessons for young adults in Paris France. (Paris)
Michel is a very good and knowledgeable English teach with high professionalism.
Review by RICHARD