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Trusted teacher: Living in Tunisia, but unsure about the language? Say goodbye to language barriers and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Tunisia with our exciting online course. Tailored exclusively for non-Arabic speakers living in this enchanting North African land, this is your key to unlocking a world of rich experiences. 🌍 Explore Tunisia Like a Local: Connect with the local community, build meaningful relationships, and navigate the bustling markets with confidence as you master the Tunisian dialect. 🗣️ Practical Conversations: Learn essential phrases, colloquial expressions, and daily vocabulary used by Tunisians in a fun and interactive way. No more feeling lost in translation! 🕒 Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Fit your learning into your busy schedule. Our online lessons allows you to study from the comfort of your home or any convenient location, making it easier than ever to master the local dialect. 🌟 Elevate Your Tunisia Experience: This course is your gateway to a deeper connection with Tunisia. Embrace its rich heritage, communicate effectively, and make lifelong memories in this captivating country. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the true essence of Tunisia. Enroll now, and let the magic of the Tunisian dialect open doors to unforgettable experiences and connections in this beautiful Mediterranean destination! Whether you're an expat, a traveler, or a language enthusiast, this course is designed to help you communicate effectively in everyday situations and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Tunisia's unique culture.
Arabic · Culture · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: As a Spanish and English teacher, I would focus on creating classes that are creative and full of cultural content so that students can learn not only the language, but also the culture behind it. In my grammar classes, I would make sure that students have a clear understanding of grammar concepts. I would use activities and games that are interactive so that students can learn more hands-on and effectively. Additionally, I would incorporate culture into my grammar teaching, presenting real-life examples of how language and grammatical patterns are used in Spanish or English-speaking culture and society. As for the accent, I would focus on helping students speak clearly and naturally. I would teach them the correct pronunciation of the words and give them specific exercises to improve their accent. I would also provide them with authentic material such as songs, movies or videos so that they can listen and practice the accent and intonation of the language. In my culture classes, I would present a variety of cultural aspects of Spanish or English-speaking countries, such as history, traditions, literature, music, gastronomy, and daily life. I would use real examples from cultural situations and encourage students to participate in discussions so they can practice their language skills. In this way, students not only learn the language, but also immerse themselves in the culture and society of Spanish or English-speaking countries. In summary, my Spanish and English classes would be full of culturally and grammatically correct content, with a focus on pronunciation and accent improvement. I would also encourage students to interact and participate in practical activities so that they can apply their knowledge of the language in real life situations.
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Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Learn and improve to speak Italian with a real Florentine (Tunis)
I had the pleasure of learning Italian with Gemma, and I cannot recommend their teaching enough! Gemma is a patient, enthusiastic, and skilled instructor who made learning Italian an enjoyable experience. She created engaging lessons that catered to my learning style and helped me build a strong foundation in the language. With their guidance, my confidence in speaking and understanding Italian has grown significantly. Grazie mille, Gemma, for your dedication and passion for teaching Italian!
Review by FAREEZ