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The first thing I do is to identify what stage of learning the learner is in and, from there, it provides me with the application of materials necessary to implement a teaching programme. The methodology is adapted to the intended language level, the learning objectives, the age of the learner, the language needs and difficulties. I teach languages in a gradual way, as clearly as possible and making the student feel comfortable, without making him/her feel afraid or embarrassed. I attach as much importance to the theoretical explanation as to the application of theory, and I require my students to be proactive (interactive and participative). When I teach languages, I teach understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Specifically, I teach language as a whole: I teach terminology, semantics (the meaning of morphemes and words and their combinations) and the branches of grammar: morphology (the form and structure of words), sentence syntax (the way words are combined) and word prosody (pronunciation). I teach languages by applying dynamic teaching strategies, using activities that involve the learner, such as exercises, production of written and verbal speeches, games, staging real-life situations, dialogues, debates, reading, listening to the media, etc. The teaching materials I use are effective and meet the following criteria: motivating, attractive, up-to-date (current, relevant topics), clear, appropriate (approachable), inclusive (various possibilities for interaction and different points of view), multimodal (varied), participatory, flexible (adaptable) and creative (original).
Teaching · Communication skills · French
Piano for All is an educational experience designed to teach people of different age groups to play the piano. This type of course is adapted to the needs, interests and skills of students, regardless of whether they are children, adolescents, young adults or older adults. Below, I give you a general description of what a piano course for all ages might include: 1. Introduction to the piano: - The course usually begins with an introduction to the instrument, where students learn about the parts of the piano and how it works. 2. Fundamentals of music: - Students learn fundamental musical concepts, such as reading scores, rhythm, musical notation and basic theory. 3. Piano technique: - Appropriate techniques of position of hands, fingers and body posture are taught to play the piano. Students practice exercises to develop the necessary dexterity and strength. 4. Repertoire: - Students begin to play musical pieces adapted to their level. The repertoire includes songs of various genres, from classic to popular, to maintain the interest of students. 5. Practice and progression: - As students progress, the course adapts to their individual levels, providing more challenging pieces and enriching their musical understanding. 6. Interpretation and expression: - Musical interpretation and personal expression are encouraged through the piano. Students learn to bring music to life through dynamics, phrasing and style. 7. Auditory development: - Students develop their auditory and musical ability, which allows them to identify tones, chords and melodic patterns. 8. History of music: - Aspects of the history of music can be included so that students understand the context of the works they perform. 9. Presentations and concerts: - Recitaries or presentations can be organized so that students have the opportunity to show their skills and gain confidence on stage. 10. Flexibility: - Piano courses for all ages are usually flexible and adapted to the individual needs and goals of the students. 11. Online education: - Many piano courses offer online options to provide comfort and flexibility to students, which is especially useful for busy adults. 12. Evaluation and follow-up: - Students can be evaluated periodically to measure their progress and receive feedback to help them improve. In summary, Piano for All focuses on teaching musical skills, piano techniques and theory, as well as encouraging musical appreciation and personal expression. The main objective is to allow students to enjoy music throughout their lives and develop piano skills at their own pace and level of interest.
Keyboard (music) · Music teacher training · Sound (music)
Welcome to a unique musical experience that will take you on a journey of deep and meaningful learning. I am Dani, a musician with a solid career in professional orchestras and extensive experience in personalized clarinet teaching. Why choose this course? 🎓 World Class Experience: With a distinguished career in prestigious orchestras in Europe, I bring my knowledge directly to your lessons, offering you a unique and valuable perspective. 📚 Rigorous Pedagogical Approach: My approach to teaching is based on a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the clarinet, combined with a structured method that will guide you towards musical excellence. 🎼 Carefully Selected Repertoire: Explore a diverse repertoire, from classical to contemporary pieces, designed to expand your skills and deepen your understanding of music. 👤 Personalized Learning: Each class is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring significant progress and a solid understanding of musical techniques and concepts. It doesn't matter what level you are or what your goals are. I'll help you get them. 🎵 Exclusive Resources: Access exclusive educational materials, specialized exercises and resources that will complement your learning, giving you an advantage in your musical development. Join me on this educational journey, where clarinet mastery meets the comfort of your home. Discover the transformative power of music through the guidance of a professional musician. Your journey to musical excellence begins here!
Music theory lessons · Clarinet
Hello, I'm Thomas, your personal bodyweight training coach. With 5 years of experience in fitness, I specialize in innovative and personalized training programs that require no equipment. My approach is to make fitness accessible and effective, no matter where you are. My journey : Professional Experience: With 5 years of experience in fitness coaching, I have helped clients with varied profiles achieve their health and well-being goals. Fitness and Wellness Training: I have continually trained to stay at the forefront of the most effective training methods, with a particular emphasis on bodyweight techniques. Passion for Fitness: My passion for fitness and wellness has driven me to develop workout programs that maximize results without requiring heavy or expensive equipment. What My Course Includes: Personalized Assessment: We will begin with an assessment of your goals and fitness level to create a tailor-made program. Personalized Training Program: I will develop a program that uses your body weight to build strength, endurance and flexibility. Variety of Exercises: Dynamic and varied exercises such as push-ups, squats, burpees, suitable for all levels. Regular Monitoring and Adjustments: Ongoing monitoring to ensure you stay on track and adjustments to the program based on your progress. Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice: Practical advice to complement your training with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits. My engagement : I am committed to creating a motivating and positive training environment. My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. Whether you are a beginner or already have fitness experience, I am here to support you every step of your transformation journey. Ready to transform your life with an effective and fun workout? Contact me to start your journey with Thomas and achieve your fitness goals! 🌟💪
Sport coaching
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Tuition Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology (Mexico City)
I found Dr. Ralf to be a wonderful Teacher. The things that he taught me through online helped me a great deal in this class as well as in statistic level. Because of the help and attention that He provided me with, I understand and enjoy Statistics. The class was great in that he didn’t just give the answers away – he made me THINK. This was sort of frustrating, but it helped me understand the material much better. I would recommend him as a Teacher for future classes, without a doubt.
Review by AHMED
🚀EVERY CHILD IS A MATHS GENIUS | British Tutor 🇬🇧 (Toulouse)
We are just getting started, but our experiences with Oliver have been great so far. He is prompt to communicate, professional and very patient. He does a good job of understanding where my daughter is, helping her at her level, and not making her feel bad that she is having a tough time with Math. Highly recommend!
Review by TAMMY
Spanish for all ages, for travel, studies or work! (Barcelona)
Florencia does a great job teaching Spanish! She's very patient, tailors the lessons according to your needs, and does a great job writing down the words on a shared screen to visual vocabulary and conjugations, which she then sends in a follow-up email to retain and remember. Highly recommend her!
Review by MATTHEW

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