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2 geology teachers in Madrid

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Trusted teacher: Hello Amazing parents , Dr. Pradeepika here My greatest passion in life is teaching. I was born and raised in India, Currently living in the Netherlands, and experienced great success at school and a gold medal awarded student at university due to amazing and unforgettable teachers. Currently, I am doing my post-doc research on Martian(Mars) geomorphology using satellite and GIS technology. I am specializing in teaching as an assistant professor. I have been tutoring and teaching for more than 6 + years in various settings – tutoring small and large groups, private individual tutoring, and teaching online and home settings. According to my:, Teaching is a science, an art, and a craft. My name is Dr. Pradeepika, Gold medalist and with 6+ years of experience as an assistant professor, faculty development trainings and school teaching/helping experience to students of various age groups. These years of experience in school support have allowed me to develop a methodology adapted to the needs and profile of the student. I offer Math, Science(Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Science, English classes for children and adolescents (primary and secondary) who are struggling to find a way of working that suits them. Extrovert, bubbly, and above all, a lot of humor! I believe that everyone learns in his own way. This is why I do not have a rigid method but adapt to the contrary to the specificities of each student. I evaluate this level, its strengths, its possible weaknesses or delays, and I develop my course accordingly. My priority: to restore the student's confidence: things are within everyone's reach when they are well explained! I believe in active teaching methods: I try to involve the student as much as possible, to make him discover what works for him/her so that he can continue his career independently. Finally, I bring specific help when preparing questions or exams in a more difficult subject. My rate includes full tuition (private lessons, the ability to ask questions outside of class time, writing and correcting questions, etc.). Looking forward to reading from you!
Geology · Geography · Geographic information systems
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Student Support(Private classes) with professional teacher: English Grammar 🙋‍♀️ (Amstelveen)
Dr. Pradeepika
She’s great at building confidence and keeping lessons fun and engaging through a variety of activities that improve conversation, writing, and reading skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning English.
Review by JULIA
Writing Class 101- Guarantee to improve your English writing skills.
It was a very interesting and enjoyable lesson; Isaac's lessons have been extremely helpful! And worthwhile!
Review by MARYAM
High school chemistry (physical/organic/inorganic ) chemistry (Delft)
Dalia is an excellent and professional tutor with great knowledge of the subject.

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