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Trusted teacher: Beginner level Language of instruction: French/English/bilingual (depending on the students) Age: Teens (12 – 17 years old) and Adults Reasons to learn Tamil? One of the oldest languages (a classical language with a 15,000 year history) and still in use. One of the official languages of India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, working language of ASEAN and recognized minority language in South Africa, Malaysia and Mauritius. Over 85 million Tamil speakers worldwide. To experience the rich culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu, literature, music and films in the Tamil language. To visit Tamil Nadu (India), discover monuments and world heritage sites, mountains, a former French colony (Pondicherry), museums, beaches, temples, taste local cuisine, hospitality , explore wildlife and nature... (region of India welcoming the most foreign tourists). Several French and multinational companies in Tamil Nadu Good universities to study in various fields (8 universities in Tamil Nadu are on the QS world list of best universities) Network with Tamils abroad (There are approximately 250,000 Tamils in France) Foundation to study other courses eg Tamil Literature, Indology, Carnatic Music. About the teacher - Tamil: - Mother tongue (Native of Tamil Nadu and lived there for 22 years) - Experience of teaching students of different nationalities and different age groups. - I taught Tamil to high-level employees of a German multinational. – Won several awards and made media appearances in Tamil. - Certified in Tamil Classical Music
Discover the beauty of the Tamil language and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Tamil-speaking communities. Our "Learn Tamil Language and Culture" class offers a unique and comprehensive experience that will help you develop your language skills while gaining insights into the history, traditions, and customs of Tamil-speaking regions. Course Highlights: Language Proficiency: Whether you're a complete beginner or have some prior knowledge of Tamil, this class is designed to cater to all levels. From essential vocabulary and grammar to conversational skills, you'll gradually build a solid foundation in the language. Cultural Exploration: Beyond language, delve into the vibrant culture of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, and other Tamil-speaking communities around the world. Explore festivals, art, music, and literature that have shaped the identity of these regions. Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic and interactive lessons that combine language learning with cultural insights. Through discussions, activities, and multimedia resources, you'll have a well-rounded learning experience. Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are native Tamil speakers with a passion for teaching and sharing their cultural heritage. They will guide you through the learning journey, offering personalized attention and constructive feedback. Flexibility: Choose from different class formats to suit your schedule and learning preferences. We offer in-person classes for local participants and online sessions for those who prefer remote learning. Community Building: Connect with fellow learners who share your interest in Tamil language and culture. Exchange ideas, practice conversations, and celebrate your progress together. Final Project: Culminate your learning journey with a final project that showcases your language proficiency and understanding of Tamil culture. This could be a presentation, creative writing piece, or any other form that demonstrates your growth.
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A teacher is who understands the capacity of the student and adapts herself to the student to make the lesson more interesting. Here is such a teacher. With my first interaction itself, she understood what I am good at and what needs improvement. She has taken my confidence and interest that I had, to the next level. I will definitely recommend others to try at least one class to understand what I mean. Learn authentic Tamil from a sincere teacher who herself has a huge respect and authority over the subject!
Review by MEDURI
Tamil for all A1/A2/B1/B2/C1 Reading Speaking Grammar Writing
My daughter whose mother tongue is not Tamil is taking Tamil lessons with Shyam. Shyam is a very good teacher and uses very good teaching materials to teach her. She very much enjoys the lessons and we find that she is quickly picking up the language and we look forward to further lessons with Shyam. We are very happy to have him as her Tamil teacher.
Review by PRASANA
HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS, SAAS - UI / Web Technologies
Amazing. Mohan was able to help me understand html a lot easier and i am looking forward to future classes
Review by ELVIO