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Leonard - Wilmersdorf18€
Trusted teacher: I study sports science and English as a teacher at the Humboldt University in Berlin and am currently writing my bachelor thesis. I offer English lessons as well as sports theory or practice from primary school to high school. I rather give German classes to elementary school students. For all subjects I would very much like to offer my help with exam preparation or homework. In English I would like to work with my student on tasks that improve vocabulary and grammatical understanding. I would also show how important it is to be able to speak English today, but also to bring up the history of the English language and its worldwide distribution to today's world language. Furthermore, I find it important to read texts together, analyze them and discuss the given topics in English, provided that the level of the students is sufficient. I give German classes mainly to elementary school students. Similar to English, I would support my students with their homework, prepare exams, try to enrich the vocabulary or also an understanding of the grammar. I am available as a teacher for sports theory but also for sports practice. I am writing my bachelor thesis in sports science. This offer may be more attractive for the upper level and the preparation for the Abitur exam in sports as well as for students at a sports school. For example, I would also meet the students on the sports field and practice the disciplines of athletics or gymnastics (in both sports I had a 1.7 in my practical exams at the HU).
Physical education · German · English
Hello, I am Anne, painter with international exhibitions and sales, and I am happy to pass on my experience in this field to you (also possible in English). In a small group of two to a maximum of four people, we can deal intensively with the individual expression and inspire each other. I am open to motive suggestions, which we translate into expressive pictures in the course, give tips on material, painting / drawing technology, portfolio creation for proficiency tests and creativity topics. No previous knowledge is required and all ages are welcome! Anyone interested in painting / drawing can develop in the field and achieve satisfactory results. This shows my experience since 2012 in contact with other experienced and inexperienced artists and schoolchildren in art classes. Inquiries please including a suggested date and information on which material is brought and which motifs / topics are of interest. Lessons take place with two or more people (ie bring a second person with you or give me possible times so that I can coordinate you with a second participant). Alternatively, I also offer one-to-one lessons. I look forward to you in my rooms in Berlin-Schöneberg! Best wishes Anne ----- My pictures appear in advertising (Google, American Express, Samsung, ...), US series (American Housewifes, Will & Grace, Black Monday, Euphoria, Ballers, Mayans etc.), magazines and on record covers and sell to clients all over the world, with a focus on the art cities of New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berlin.
Drawing & sketching · Painting · Art
Trusted teacher: Internationally experienced singer, formerly with a contract with the BMG Berlin and current contract with Warner Chappel (as a songwriter), as well as background for Celine Dion and Lionel Richey and work with the RIAS Berlin Orchestra and many publications and charter successes offers lessons. You can see part of my publications in the gallery. (Coaching on my premises costs 50, - and takes 60 minutes) My Dutch / Indonesian / Portuguese / Armenian origin gives me a very natural approach to music and rhythms. I come from a large family of musicians and singing, dancing and acting were an integral part of my childhood as well as my training. Teaching is great fun for me and the students! The topic of "strength building" is always a big topic for singers. Let a professional show you how to get power into your voice without hurting it. Since I'm at home in R&B, soul, hip hop and jazz, I know how to use belten to get maximum message. My coaching focuses on expression and improvisation! I prepare for appearances and help you to train your voice in such a way that it has the necessary substance for appearances or studio work. Songwriting is also part of my coaching, if you so wish. Because music and casting shows are becoming increasingly important, I help newcomers to prepare for blind auditions! I am also happy to be there for amateur singers who simply enjoy singing. We can work out your favorite song and record if necessary! Vouchers are also available as a birthday present, for Christmas, or simply to fulfill someone's heart's desire. Since I am also a trained voice actress, I can also help in this area! It is also possible to hold a vocal session or group mission via Skype. Please contact me in this regard using my contact details. The advantage of this is that these can of course take place across Germany! This includes videos that will be sent to you so that you can understand the exercises again and repeat them together with me in the video. This is very practical for your daily singing routine. The coaching can also take place in English or Dutch. I'm really looking forward to you!
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Trusted teacher: I offer you my services to make you truly performant oral / written in English. If you must use English as part of your professional activity and you do not feel comfortable ... If you're tired of being spotted right away like French ... If you do not know still not when to use the present perfect / the preterite .... I am here to help you. * Training linguist and author of textbook as such. => I am not a student in L1 who had a good grade in the Baccalaureate. I am a practicing, qualified teacher and holder of National Education. Teaching can not be improvised. This is something I feel I do well with 23 years of experience. I remind parents that to have 10/20 to the Baccalaureate, just have the level A2 (which is theoretically expected at the end of 3rd) so I let you imagine the despair of engineering students who must get at least 750 to the TOEIC! It's the equivalent of level B2!) * Daily monitoring possible via internet. * Each course gives rise to a detailed report. * In-depth knowledge of the European Framework. (A1 => C2) * Work of language activities. * Specialized in "phonology": intonation, word accent, links ... The grammar of the oral. * Adaptation to all levels: => College - High school: beginner, false beginner ... => Post-baccalaureate: TOEIC preparation, TOEFL, iELTS, Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced Certificate. => Oral and writings of the grandes écoles such as ENA => Oral and written business schools (Tremplin-Passerelle ...) => Engineering school: preparation for TOIEC.
Trusted teacher: French private lessons are for students wishing: - consolidate their bases in grammar, spelling - improve their language skills (allophone students) - improve their speaking skills (conversation classes) -profect the written expression - ECR exams - prepare for the written examinations at the end of the studies (maturity, certificate of completion) - help with the writing of works of maturity (or other works of end of studies), of dissertation - work on argumentative texts - acquire a method to analyze literary texts - fill gaps - improve their spelling - prepare for oral exams (maturity, compulsory leaving certificates) - learn how to perform bibliographic research For help with writing: The objective is above all to acquire effective tools. The pupil will thus be able to learn to structure his ideas, to argue in a coherent (and convincing) way and to enrich his vocabulary. For the corrections of end of studies work: so that the meeting with the student is at the most profitable, I ask him to send me his writings before the meeting. Apart from my presence with the student, any course involves a preparation time before and after the lesson, including the work that I correct. My goal is to design an individualized course, so I take the time to write detailed comments on corrected work or tips to ensure maximum success for everyone. For example, an editorial correction can easily be the subject of a detailed commentary of 4 typewritten pages. For adults (FLE): In order to optimally prepare the first ones, I take the initiative to inform myself in advance of their objectives / expectations. Whether to practice speaking in everyday life, the professional world or to practice oral presentations, I prepare either PPT or technical sheets in advance that I send by mail ( after booking on the website). The other alternative is to make a PV of the course that I send (or that I print). Giving importance to keeping a written record on the one hand to better memorize the topics covered, on the other hand to better assimilate the spelling. Of a general nature, a concrete situation that responds to the learner's needs is the starting point. From this situation, I address the essential grammatical points.
French · Literature
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Guitar Lessons for Beginners - Berlin, in English. (Berlin Wilmersdorf)
Jonathan is a great teacher and will easily adapt the session depending on your level. We are two students (absolute beginner and a more advanced) studying for an hour each week, and we already learned a lot from him! I highly recommend Jonathan if you are looking to learn or improve your skills :D
Review by AGATHE
Piano and Music Theory lessons in English for all ages and Levels. (Berlin)
Based on a few classes I have had with Mary, I can say she is a knowledgable and passionate teacher, who focuses not only on getting you to develop a playing technique but also on musicality. I feel I am progressing with every lesson. She is a lovely teacher and I would highly recommend her.
Review by JASMINA
Spanish - Online - Spanish lessons with a native teacher (Ornex)
Really good first lesson with Angela! She evaluated my level and asked me exactly what I wanted to get out of the lessons. Based on this, she is going to set out a plan for me which I can then modify if necessary and according to my needs. I recommend Angela without any reserve!
Review by INDIRA