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Denise - Mitte14€
Trusted teacher: *For your security and health all classes are provided online* Dear student/Querido alumno My name is Denise I’m a Mexican Spanish as foreign Language teacher certified by the Cervantes Institute (ELE using the Spanish acronym)with experience in education, translation and writing (content, academic or journalism). I started teaching Spanish at a very young age helping my colleagues from High school but I formalize while finishing my university studies. For the last six years, I’ve been teaching Spanish in America and Europe to a broad variety of students. Per example, children and teenagers as school support teacher; or a in-company lessons or conversation programs for adults. I follow a flexible method, adapting to the student’s level and wishes Together we work in an amicable way in order to achieve mutual goals. Don't worry if you are a beginner, we start from scratch. We can discuss politics, arts, fashion or your favorite topic in order to develop your Spanish verbal or grammatical skills. The focus is to learn enjoying. My tools are diverse: textbooks, videos, podcast, newspapers, etc. Since I mostly work as freelance teacher my availability is broad. As a teacher I want to develop trust and patience. My best friend while teaching is the student's curiosity. If there is something I don't know (which is statistical) I will spend my personal time researching until I find the answer. I invite you to contact me without compromise and clear your doubts.. Stay healthy and all my best, Denise
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I am a native Russian speaker, born and raised in Moscow. After completing the middle school in Russia, I then moved to Scotland and three years later had received the IB Diploma certificate with the score of 36 points. This, as well as my extracurricular achievements in performing arts had secured me a place at King's College London in the UK. Currently though, I am on my year abroad in Germany as a part of my LLM, and am eager to offer my services as a Russian tutor for those who are thinking of taking up a new language, be it for academic or professional reasons, or simply for fun. I believe that studying in three different countries have allowed me to try out and assess various approaches to education in general and teaching languages in particular - from the rigourous Russian system based on ensuring that the students will obtain exceptional spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation skills, to the more relaxed yet more critical and analytical Western approach, focused on problem-solving and independent work. There is a vast bank of techniques and methods that will be used in class to peak and maintain your interest. And since I'm a student too, I would be able to share my personal tips and tricks with you to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself - be it being able to wow your friends and family by reciting a poem in the language of Dostoyevski, or impressing your future collegues with the thorough knowledge of Russian current affairs in their mother tongue!
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Amandine - Berlin29€
Trusted teacher: Given the current circumstances related to VIDOC-19, I can only offer online courses via Skype or Zoom for the time being. Let's connect and keep learning! // FRENCH BELOW / IN FRENCH BELOW // My name is Amandine and I am a French as a Second and Foreign Language teacher from La Réunion (France) who trained and worked as a language teacher in France and Canada. I am currently finishing my Masters' 2 in Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching and I have a Teaching Certificate from the province of British Columbia, Canada. I have experience teaching in the UK and Canada both at secondary and university level, and have been working as a freelance language teacher for private students, language schools and company courses in Berlin since February 2019. I also have 6 years of tutoring experience, my students ranging from 8 to 89 years old. Yes, you read that right! I believe that you teach who you are, which means I like to teach using authentic documents on a variety of topics I'm interested in such a music, literature, traveling, history, politics, sustainable living ... For children, I believe the most efficient way of learning is through play and storytelling. I am of course adaptable and will always tailor my lessons according to my students' needs and interests. Since I am currently learning German, I can easily put myself in your shoes and will adjust to your learning pace. My goal is to create friendly yet professional relationships based on trust and empathy, and to help you see rapid progress in your or your child's abilities. Looking forward to meeting you! :) __________________________________________________________ Given the current circumstances associated with COVID-19, I can only offer online courses at this time, via Skype or Zoom. Let's connect and keep learning! My name is Amandine and I am a teacher of French as a Foreign and Second Language. I come from La Réunion (France) and trained as a language teacher in France and Canada. I am currently finishing my Master 2 in Didactics of Distance Languages and hold the provincial teaching certification in British Columbia, Canada. I have taught in the UK and Canada at the high school and university levels in the past, and have just completed the British Columbia teacher education program. I have been teaching in Berlin since February 2019 as a freelance worker, for individuals, in a language school and in a company. I also have 6 years of private tutoring experience, during which I worked with people from 8 to 89 years old. Yes, you read correctly! I firmly believe that we teach who we are, which means that I like to teach using authentic documents based on subjects that speak to me, such as music, literature, travel, history, politics, sustainable development and ethical consumption ... For children, I believe that the most effective way to learn is to do it by playing and using stories. I am of course adaptable and will always adjust my lessons to the needs and interests of my students. Since I am currently learning German, I can easily put myself in your shoes and adapt to your learning pace. My goal is to create friendly, trusting and empathic professional relationships, and to help you quickly see your progress or that of your child. Hope to meet you, Amandine
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Trusted teacher: Looking for an English course that gives results? Always wanted to have a conversation with a native speaker that lasted longer than, "Nice weather we're having?" and "Sorry, my English not good"? Sound familiar? Then look no further! Get ready to learn from a native speaker and become a student of Learning by Doing! Whether it be for school, work or in their personal life, many people find English language competency an essential skill to have nowadays. The quality of second language English education at school level doesn't seem to cut it in practice and many people find themselves asking, "what's missing?". My course proposes a new and intuitive method of learning language by changing the way we learn. Instead of learning from a book, in today's world of instant gratification, social media and information overload, I find a practical approach to learning language provides the learner with a useful skill that they can use for the rest of their lives. In this course, you will learn how to increase your vocabulary exponentially, improve writing skills and, most importantly, you will learn how to speak English like a native speaker! My lessons provide a safe environment for the learner to practice English where they can apply the things they learn and not feel judged or tested. The biggest contributor to success is confidence, and in my course we will work together to improve your confidence in English so you too can speak like a native speaker! Each course is personalized for the individual. From Beginner to University level, anyone can participate in my course and see improvement in their competency. All it takes is the will for improvement and you will feel the difference.
Vocabulary · Grammar · English
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Support courses in French, English and Philosophy (Berlin)
Adrienne was super punctual and had prepared the class really well, and even sent me content a few days before the class. Her lesson was really interesting and I felt like I learned more than just language skills by the end of it, because she provided interesting historical and social context to everything she shared with me.
Review by EILEEN
French course / Französischunterricht / French lessons (Berlin)
Amandine is a skillful and patient teacher whose experience is evident in the manner in which she leads her lessons - they are fun, engaging and effective. My seven year old, who at first was very reluctant to learn French, now looks forward to her lessons with Amandine.
Review by ADRIANA
Spanish Classes from a Certified Native Teacher in Berlin (Berlin)
Denise is flexible and adapts to your needs and requests. I told her I wanted to talk about geopolitics and economics so she found me interesting articles to read and debate with her. I learned a lot of vocabulary and it helped me to improve my Spanish speaking skills!
Review by JULIETTE