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Trusted teacher: I've been teaching English to small children up to teenagers at École Française Internationale. I give lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. I mix between french and English so the pupil doesn't get too confused, but also allows them to understand every detail. For beginners, we usually talk about our surroundings, what's close to us and what affects us on a daily basis. (Numbers, directions, the weather, asking simple questions, what's a noun and pronoun and where to put them in a sentence). I like to find playful activities so that the pupil/student is in control of their work. It also stimulate their motivation. Of course, this is an example for a certain age group, but it also varies depending on their knowledge and their age. For intermediates, we make basic conversation. Ex : How do you go to school; What do you do in your free time ? ; What's the weather like ? The lessons depends on wether the student is learning for their personal knowledge or if it's for school. -------------------------------- Le début du cours avec un nouvel apprenant, consiste à déceler son niveau en parlant de son parcours, ce qu'il connait déjà, ce qu'il doit maîtriser pour parvenir à ne plus avoir de lacunes. Le premier cours permet aussi à l'apprenant de se mettre à l'aise et d'apprendre à me connaître pour instaurer une confiance mutuelle. C'est pourquoi j'utilise une touche de mon British humour pour y parvenir. (Je fais généralement ça en début de cours avec mes élèves pour instaurer la bonne humeur et ils sont toujours ravis!) Pour permettre de mieux accrocher à l'apprentissage de l'apprenant, je vais lui demander quelles sont ses passions/hobbies, ce qui l'intéresse pour susciter l'intérêt d'apprendre. Je vais adapter mes leçons sur des sujets lui parle plus. En fonction de l'âge et du niveau de connaissance en anglais, la méthode va varier. Je joue avec des chansons si c'est pour le vocabulaire ou l'accent, cela permet de mieux mémoriser et quoi de mieux en chanson... Tout le monde écoute de la musique! Peu importe la raison du cours, si c'est pour améliorer la compréhension orale, écrite, à la lecture ou à l'écoute, j'organise des sessions d'audios, des lectures, tout le nécessaire pour approfondir dans la langue en utilisant la pédagogie active que j'ai appris durant ma formation de CAP. Je peux faire écouter les nouvelles de la chaîne BBC news, la météo, la bande-annonce d'un film. Mon but est que l'apprenant évolue progressivement en ayant le moins de lacune possible.
Trusted teacher: My journey: For 12 years, I evolve in the field of sports, with the status of athlete of high level recognized by the French community and Adeps. I found in boxing a way to channel my energy, let off steam and at the same time an amazing way to have fun and exchange. To quote you a small part of my record, I am 9 times champion of Belgium in Savate / French Boxing, Vice-Champion of Technical Europe 2017 and Vice-Champion of the World Combat 2017. Added to that, several bronze medals in international league. At the base, I am a dancer. I have always been attracted to contact sports and discovering French boxing, I revealed myself. It is a mixture of technique, tactics, strikes but all in a well-defined setting. Plus, without lying to you, there is no more cardio than boxing feet / fists! French Boxing has become a passion and I would like to share my experience by training new practitioners of all ages and abilities. My methodology: During the lessons, we start by learning the basics, the positioning, the movement and of course the typing techniques. Boxing is "contact", touching and learning to cash. We dissect, we assimilate and then put this into practice. In addition, we work on its endurance, flexibility, power. Boxing is a whole. So we will mobilize the whole body through muscle building, cardio exercises, punching feet in the paws bear and exchanges with my hands :). All in FUN :) With me the classes are dynamic, motivating and educational. Progression and fun guaranteed!
Sport personal trainer · Sport coaching · Kickboxing (kick boxing)
Trusted teacher: I am a native English speaker from USA and I specialize in teaching, exam preparation, instruction and text correction for several students and professionals residing in Belgium. With experience in 4 different cities across Europe and Asia, I take a multidimensional approach to my classes, tutoring and assisting with both Academic and Business English, to ensure that all my students are at ease during the lessons which results in faster improvements and undeniable results. The lessons cover various topics, mainly focusing on comprehension, reading techniques, writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, and day to day conversation along with accent training and basic language skills. My former clients include students from middle school, high school and college as well as professionals from various occupations. I have worked with them to improve their spoken and written English. I also tutor clients who want to improve their English at an academic level for exams such as the SAT, IELTs, EPSO and TOEFL. These include high school students, college students as well as professionals, ranging from engineers to young interns at the EU parliament. I assist with exam based preparation to achieve the desired results and my clients have not been disappointed so far. I have further proofread, edited, written and improved a large amount of essays, college applications, theses, personal statements, and assignments for various clients at an academic level. I like to make my lessons interesting, but at the same time, I make sure that they are as productive as possible. With a thorough understanding and experience of English grammar and literature, I further take care of ghost writing, proof reading and editing of academic and professional papers. Weekly and monthly rates are possible in this case. I have no issues meeting anywhere in Brussels, or at a location or town close to the city.
Toefl test preparation · English · Reading
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Blender 3.x, 3D modeling by a LinkedIn & Freelance trainer (Péruwelz)
First two hours done with Martin. It was a chill environment and he is someone easy to interact with and you can feel he have experience giving lessons. I learned what was the purpose of this introduction to blender and the lesson was custom to my needs. We have planned another one and so should you, as he is a good teacher take time to listen to your needs and assess what should help you in your learning.
Review by VINCENT
General and Academic English taught by a Native Speaker and Editor (Brussels)
I was lucky to find Sheryar, not only I felt comfortable with him right away, but I also find his assistance with my English grammar incredibly accessible. If you want to improve your grammar, edit your texts or just improve your ability with the language, I sincerely recommend him
Review by RAQUEL
English lessons - cours de français - languages - Face to face or remotely (webcam) (Braine-l'Alleud)
Maureen is fantastic!! She teaches in an easy to understand and comprehensive way using real life situations. I fully believe that Maureen will have me speaking French fluently sooner than I thought possible.
Review by MARLA

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