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3 video software leraren in Koekelberg

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Vince - Brussel50€
Betrouwbare leraar: 00. INTRO (scroll down below for the course description (01.)) I am a young professional in the film industry, I have collaborated with multiple partners such as Vice, Sony, Unicef, WWF, but also many musicians, architects, non-profit companies and independent creators. I have experience as a director, editor, dop, editing assistant, focus puller, author, electro, and production assistant. I've studied 5 years of Cinema in Luca Arts Brussels, and one year of Supermedia studies in Prague Umprum. My strengths lie especially in combining the musical field with the cinematographic point of view, such as experimental video art, arthouse movies, videoclips but also dance and musici films - although I've trained to become a co-ordinator of team-work and an efficient editor too. I work for corporate companies, big music industries and very small independent projects as well, depending whether or not I like the music. (hihi) I will teach you video and movie editing, for your own or commercial use. The software I recommend is the full adobe kit, musically, I can work with ableton, audacity and a little bit with pro tools too. I've completed a multiple amount of residencies in the framework of my own artistic practices, and could describe myself as a multidisciplinary artist. My work has been featured on several international magazines with a width of 700k monthly readers and I have enjoyed international exposure with my filmic work. 01. COURSE DESCRIPTION I will teach you what software to use, how the interface works I will teach you the difference in codecs and technical specifications, such as ratio, frames, ... I will teach you the multiple options we can explore through out adobe premiere Further on we'll practically edit together with your own footage, and strife to get a result you like. We do this through sessions of editing I teach you how to create visual rhythm, musical rhythm, sound exploring I teach you the difference between a phenomenological approach of working and a prepared set up, I teach you how to maintain a healthy work-flow for yourself, and your computer. I teach you how to use the tools of cutting, and editing with your keyboard I teach you how to export in the right settings. I will also teach you how to communicate with clients I will teach you how to visually prepare I will teach you how to colourgrade I will teach you how to transfer I will teach you how to keep everything as minimal as possible
Kunst · Film maken · Video software
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Cinema - directing - réalisation de cinema - Make movies and videos - Montage - film editing - Video Montage (ENG/NL/FR) (Sint-Pieters-Woluwe)
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