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    SaQi was born in France. Guadeloupe, a place of beautiful beaches and wonderful sunshine. 萨奇出生在法国瓜德罗普,一个美丽的海滨城市。 SaQi is drenched in music almost all the time. His father, Fred Aucagos1, is a popular French artist, a singer and also a member of a French band named VIKING2. 萨奇从小就沉浸在音乐中,父亲是法国著名的歌手Fred Aucagos,也是法国乐队Viking的成员. His personality and creativity, SaQi was able to share that passion with various international artists. 萨奇的人格魅力和创造力,总能与无数闻名全球的艺术家分享激情 Cheng le ji程乐基14《中国好声音》 Kong Linna孙琳娜15Art Master Class艺术大师 Wu Mochou16 吴莫愁 In shenzhen for a performance 深圳的演出 Huang Yaoming19黄耀明

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