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    Support courses in Math, Physics and Chemistry for all levels of college and high school. Summary of the courses plus series of exercises and their correction Study examples of baccalaureate exams and their correction and tips to answer all questions
    Course of thermodynamics Basic concept of thermodynamics First principle of thermodynamics Second principle of thermodynamics Thermodynamic cycles: Carnot cycle, Rankine Engine, Heat pump Refrigerating machine
    Thermodynamic course General notions on thermodynamics Internal energy: definition Applications of the first principle Enthalpy function Energy properties of perfect gases Basic laws of perfect gases Laws of Gay-Lussac and Charles Perfect gas equation Normal molar volume of a perfect gas Density of one gas compared to another Experience characterizing perfect gases Expression of the variation of internal energy for a transformation any Expression of the enthalpy variation for a transformation any Robert Mayer's relationship Balance of energy quantities for different transformations Trade during an adiabatic transformation. Polytropic transformations Calculation of the amount of heat exchanged in the case of a polytropic transformation Perfect gas mixture. State equation of a perfect gas mixture The second principle Statements of the second principle Reversible monothermal cycle Irreversible monotherm cycle Ditherme cycle Balance of heat exchanges Classification of thermal machines Expression of returns Theorem of Carnot Inequality of Clausius Mathematical expression of the second principle Mathematical expression of the second principle: conclusion. Entropic diagram Examples of calculating the entropy variation Calculation of the entropy variation of a system with source.

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