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    Trusted teacher
    Lessen ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands! In my classes I always seek to maintain a balance between the development of basic knowledge, composition techniques and creativity. These are the three fundamental pillars that any person dedicated to composition needs. Basic knowledge: Many are afraid of learning "too much" theory, because they believe that it can kill creativity. But what I precisely want to teach in my classes is a practical approach, where theoretical knowledge serves to further develop creativity. Composition techniques: Each class I give small composition tasks, things that can be developed in the time you have available between classes, where we will explore different composition techniques and how they can be applied within the musical language that you want to develop. Creativity: We work here in two ways, the first is on a project you are working on, for example a piece for your own instrument, a project for a competition or entrance exam, a song, etc. The second way is through improvisation exercises on your instrument. We will do this together, since I play violin and piano. With this we are seeing how to give space to musical intuition, to be able to capture ideas and then concretize them in a composition. These three elements are present in each class, which is usually divided into 20-minute sections, so a lesson usually lasts 1 hour.

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