Because I obtained a score of 1510 - enough to qualify a student for any of the top American University, including Harvard - I can ensure that your child has the necessary and indispensable training to succeed in the SATs and thus be on the right path to getting into the university of their dreams!
The following class is dedicated to helping struggling students to keep up with the rigorous demands of the IB program. Having obtained 44 points in this program myself, I attempt to pass on my knowledge and motivate students to fulfil their full potential.

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Absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for someone to guide you through TOK, Nathalia is the best person to do that. Extremely helpful and makes everything so easy to understand - which is notoriously difficult when it comes to TOK. If your mouse is hovering above the 'request a booking' button, click it. You will NOT regret it.
Very proactive and informative.
helpful and informative

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