Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - Ja, klar. (Do you speak German? - Yes, of course.) 
 See, you already learned your first sentence in German. 
 Many people say learning German is hard. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I am here to help.  
 You probably have some goals in mind or a reason why you want to learn German? In our first proof lesson, we will discuss them and create our plan accordingly - whether it is for a test (A1, A2, B1, B2) or if you just want to impress your German parents in law :)  
 I will support you as much as I can and also show you tips and tricks on how you can incorporate German in your everyday life. If you want, we can add homework assignments, so that you can practise on your own as well. 
 During our lesson, we can work on: your speaking and listening pronunciation your reading and writing 
 We are calling via Zoom or GoogleHangout, whatever works best for you. 
 Let’s get started. - Ich freue mich darauf dich kennen zu lernen.

Reviews (6)

Nadine is patient, efficient and focused on correct pronunciation.
I had today my first German lesson with Nadine where she introduced her teaching method and we went immediately to practice.The hour flew very quickly. I like her way of teaching and looking forward to the next lesson!
Nadine is a great teacher and has an effective methodology for teaching German. She also provides all the necessary support materials and resources to make learning German a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Nadine as a German teacher!
Een prettige eerste les gehad met Nadine waar ze een professionele aanpak hanteert. Ik heb vertrouwen in de volgende lessen en kijk er naar uit Duits te leren onder begeleiding van Nadine.
Erg goed, erg leuk!

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