Since my youngest age I have been very strong in English. I am currently studying English and I am in my last year of university to become an English teacher. English is a very important language to know and with my lessons it will be done!
Since I am small I practice martial arts and fitness. I am a very sporty person and I like to surpass myself and help people to outdo themselves! You want a change in your life, do not hesitate and contact me!
Come learn French with someone who speaks French very well. I speak Dutch, French and English myself so we can learn it with the three languages! The focus of the lesson is on what the client demands, we can learn to read, speak, write, grammar and much more. My goal is to let the students choose their own pace first and then teach him or her French at a fun, passionate and very good level.
Martial arts are ways to defend oneself at home, on the street, at work and the like. I have been practicing combat sports for years now and would like to share my knowledge with you! no stress, just book a lesson.!
As a secondary school teacher I can help your child, brother or sister with all his lessons from primary school. I myself am a very warm and affectionate person, I will be able to help very well and I guarantee success! En tant qu'enseignant au secondaire, je peux aider votre enfant, frère ou sœur avec toutes ses leçons de l'école primary. Je suis moi-même une personne très chaleureuse et cordiale, je pourrai très bien aider et je vous garantis le success!
Personal development coach. I myself study in this field and I am here to coach you and help you open up. How to achieve my goals and learn to think about things around me. What is your focus? What do you want to achieve in your life? What are your goals? I am here to help you and to coach in all its questions that you ask yourself.
Because of my experience I can open myself very easily to others and this without any prejudice. I myself am of Moroccan origin and I have the whole western psychology with me. So I can put myself in two different categories.
I myself studied in Dutch schools from a young age, I ended up studying in Haute École to become a secondary teacher for this subject. If you want to learn Dutch in a great way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Zeer goede begeleiding met waardevolle tips
Le contact est excellent, la pédagogie est mis en avant. Mais la valeur ajoutée du prof. Est son enthousiasme et sa volonté ce qui a particulièrement motivé mon fils. Je recommande vivement cette personne.

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