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La música es amor, pasión y compartir. Propongo un aprendizaje de violín para todas las edades, sin necesidad de conocimientos previos de teoría/lenguaje musical. Mi prioridad es asegurarme de que cada estudiante se sienta motivado y entusiasmado por aprender; nuestro objetivo es ser la mejor versión de nosotros mismos. Siempre me adapto a cada alumno, a sus diferentes tipos de música, necesidades, deseos... Todos mis estudiantes aprenderán a tener una postura buena y saludable y una relación positiva con la música y el violín. La constancia y el amor por la música son lo que te hace mejor.

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Miriam is really a pleasant person, i enjoyed my class with her , she started with me from level "-1" :D and she is always patient and eager to teach me, she is also open to contact her at any time apart from our planned sessions. she also encouraged me to play/practice songs i love apart from the course material and simplified the notes to match my level which make me more enthusiastic about learning music. I really learned a lot from her and willing to continue learning violin with Miriam :)
Miriam is a cheerful and experienced teacher. In her class, she always tries to analyse where my problems are first. Then she can come up with tailor-made practice tips for me. As such, I see my progress gradually. Moreover, her positive vibes motivate me to keep practising after the lesson. Thanks to her structured method, I can take baby-steps in each lesson to play better.

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