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The aim of this course is to understand how our brain and memory work in particular - It is also to acquire means and tips for better and more memorizing - It is finally for older people to know that we can learn at any age. The course is a little theoretical then very practical with examples and rather fun training exercises. Put emotion, use all our senses, all this facilitates memorization and this course proves it.
The objective of this course is to allow the pupil or student to know themselves well and understand their relationship to time and priorities, with the aim of optimizing their effectiveness. The course contains theory and practice, as well as proven tests and questionnaires. I always strive to create an atmosphere of trust, authenticity and freedom of expression in order to be able to access the student's personality and thus better help him. In general I see in people who follow this course stars that sparkle in their eyes because they see themselves progressing.
"Soft skills" are life skills unlike technical skills. They bring together cognitive, behavioral and civic skills. They have become the obvious way to adapt to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world in which we live. I offer personalized courses with a number of sessions adapted to each to successfully start learning the identified soft skills to develop. Give yourself this chance ... I work from recent knowledge from neuroscience on the functioning of the brain in learning these behavioral skills. In our constantly changing world, where changes sometimes make you "a big gap", soft skills have become more important today in the eyes of recruiters and managers than technical skills. So give yourself that chance and give yourself the opportunity to live flexibly in the present and future world.
I myself have been trained by the best specialists in fast reading. I have since this training created a course that I propose to people and companies with always very encouraging feedback. This course is a bit theoretical but especially practical. Learning to read quickly requires that you put yourself in a dynamic and maintain the effort, much like a rider who trains for a competition. Step by step, every day, the student or the adult will progress as long as he does not stop his training. This course is not easy but it is extremely rewarding because the results are at the RV!
Trained in several cognitive approaches and thanks to advances in neuroscience, I discover with the student his personal learning profile on 3 major stages - his understanding profile - his motivation profile and finally his identity profile. This can be done over 1 or 2 2-hour sessions. If more the student wants to know his dominant in multiple intelligences, I carry out the study on another session of one hour. Once he has this new knowledge about himself, he can then organize his learning methods taking into account these elements: he will therefore be a facilitator for him.

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Merci beaucoup pour votre aide.
A good start to learning speed reading techniques.
Professeur sympathique et compétante. Elle m'a donné de bons outils et conseils pour poursuivre ma démarche. Je recommande.

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