This class is designed for students from kindergarten through year 5 who find the fundamentals of math difficult to understand. Around year two, students begin to make the jump from learning to count to actually making numbers. This course will help students navigate this jump as we will understand how numbers are composed and how they grow. We will identify patterns, breaking numbers apart and reassembling them in new configurations. This course is designed to slow down the learning process and use play to understand the inner-workings of math. Conceptual math moves away from memorization and instead engages the ideas behind addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division so that the student can forge and deeper and longer lasting connection to arithmetic.
This class is geared toward high school and college students looking to become masters in the art of the essay. The focus is to bring students through the entire arc of essay writing from a critical analysis of texts, conceiving an original question, organizing the essay, and becoming your own editor. You will learn a variety of techniques to counter writer's block, ease essay anxiety, and become a critical thinker. You will learn: - vocabulary -grammar -sentence and essay structure -style -citations -transitions As a published writer and a graduated masters student from the London School of Economics I have experience in a variety of writing styles including reporting, thought pieces, academic, and creative writing. Ultimately, In this course I will support students in organizing their thoughts as they develop their own set of techniques to become confident writers.

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