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    Trusted teacher
    I am a sports officer in the German Armed Forces, I trained athletics youth at TSV1860 Munich for 4 years and am a coordinator for company health management as well as a licensed trainer. That's why I offer a wide range. From simple • "Sport to get into a beach figure" about • functional training, • weight training, • Most performance-oriented training, right down to • Health sports. What we go through as a topic depends only on you.
    Everyone of us - unfortunately - gets into conflict situations now an then. Especially in those situations it would be extremely beneficial to all affected parties to understand each other, whereby this is the most unlikely occurrence then. Those conflicts pretty often tend to stir up and cause nothing than harm and suffer to all affected parties. This course intends to convey an alternative, more empathetic perspective, which is fundamentally based on scientifical evidence derived from Social, Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. Equipped with this new knowledge the participant gets enabled to take a more sophisticated and sustainable position in conflicts. A perspective that should not only enhance the ability to reflect his/her own conflict-related behavior, but even more to understand the regarding behavior of other persons. Ultimately understanding the emotional behavior of him/herself and others can prepare to prospectively contribute in a constructive instead of destructive manner in case of conflicts.
    Blockchain technology is a short term with an enormous depth of meaning. Decentralized, censorship and manipulation-resistant and tamper-proof networks are the future of many everyday processes and that already today, even if most of them may not be aware of it. Using the example of Bitcoin, this course is intended to illustrate why blockchain has enormous disruptive potential for many important fields of application in everyday life and why it will no longer be a part of our lives in the future. In terms of content, it should be explained on a logical and predominantly non-technical level how the security of a blockchain network is created, maintained and why manipulation is not possible here - which explains the use and importance of this technology.

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