This class is to understand and apply the concepts of probability and fundamental statistics. You will see: - Counting techniques - Probability concepts and definitions - Statistical concepts and definitions - Inferential statistics - Confidence intervals and hypotheses - Probability distributions Between many more!
Improve your skills to communicate in Spanish. I focus on three fundamental items: - Coherence in communication (speaking and writing) - Pronunciation - Grammar In the first class, a preliminary interview is done to assess the student's knowledge and to know their objectives with the Spanish language. Thus a study plan can be drawn up in which the student's objectives are covered and deadlines and goals are established.
I specialize in tutoring Math from Basic to Advanced. I will help you preparing an exam, solving homework, learning a new topic or strengthening some previous knowledge. I don't want the student to memorize but to understand and being able to apply the concepts. I can help with Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Algegra, Linear Algebra, Multivariable calculus, Differential equations, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.
This class is for anyone who wants to enter the world of computer programming, or those first semester engineering students who are becoming familiar with these languages. - I want to develop in the student the logic to communicate with the computer so that he can create programs and awaken his creativity. - I think that computer programming has too wide a field of application, which makes it almost useful for anyone in today's technological world to know how to program. - Programming is not only useful but fun and can help us understand concepts from other areas or from life itself.

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Patient, attentive, very good teaching skills.
it was well explained, she had her own exercises prepared
Highly capable, competent, and efficient tutor. Lina can really simplify the learning process. Super for Engineering Maths of all levels HNC/HND… BSc… MSc etc.
Excellent teacher- I booked 10 lessons with her. . Highly recommended
Lina is an excellent and very patient teacher. She helped me to prepare for a statistics exam with great results. Highly recommended!

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