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Je donne des cours de maths jusqu'au niveau terminal (Bac toute catégorie) .Les séances durent entre 90 et 120 minutes selon la préférence de mes étudiants. Les leçons qu'on fera seront totalement basées sur ce que l'étudiant veut réviser et travailler le plus. On fera les cours en détail ainsi que des exercices d'application ,des séries de révision et des examens. Ayant enseigné les Maths pendant 3 ans votre progression avec moi et garantie. Si vous êtes interessés n'hésitez pas à me contacter
I give french language lesson to anybody who is looking to improve his language skills in both writing and reading no matter the level you are starting at. French is my native language and I have studied the language in depth for more than 10 years and I have a 5 year experience in teaching it to both adults and teenagers. If you are looking to learn the language but also have fun at the same time and discover the beautiful things the french labguage has to offer then look no further cause this course is made for you.
Since I am a very athletic person and have practiced all kinds of exercise all my life, I offer classes for anyone who wants to lose fat, gain more muscle, or simply get in better shape. It has already helped a lot in obtaining the body of their dreams, and some of them have lost more than 20 kg in just 4 months by giving them a suitable training schedule to follow but also by changing their diet. Just send me a message if you are interested and let us build the body of your dreams together.
Given that I was a national champion in swimming and after I won many competitions in my career and had the opportunity to teach this beautiful sport to many people young and old around the world, I know exactly the correct method for teaching swimming and mastering the four techniques: breaststroke - back - free swimming - Butterfly style. My lessons will take you through all the necessary steps to make it easy and fun just as it should be. You can contact me at any time. My current location in Bahrain is in Manama.
Being that I was a national champion on a national level in swimming and having won a lot of competitions in my career as a swimmer and having already had the chance to teach this beautiful sport to a lot of people, I know exactly the progression and the struggle that everyone goes through to learn the right technique to swim and to master all 4 techniques: breaststroke- back stoke -freestyle and butterfly. My lessons will take you through all the necessary steps to make it easy and fun just how it should be.
Being a very athletic person myself and having practiced all sorts of sport my whole life, I offer coaching sessions to anyone wishing to lose body fat or getting more muscular or simply getting overall fitter. I have already worked with a lot of clients over the years some of them have lost 20+ kg within a 4 month period by not only giving them a proper training schedule to follow but by also changing their diet and the way they eat. Just message me if you are interested and let's build your dream physique together.
I am an engineering student and I have an advanced level in English, indeed I obtained my English degree IELTS of BRITISH COUNCIL with level C1 (advanced) and I have experience of 3 years of teaching. I also taught English abroad for 3 months in germany. Motivated and dynamic your progress is guaranteed. The method I use is not a classic method, I use an interactive method that encourages the student to invest and be more attentive and motivated.Please contact me on Apprentice if you are interested
Si vous voulez prendre des cours d'arabe standard moderne ou bien un dialecte de l'arabe avec un natif de la langue arabe standard et qui a étudié la langue en détail pour plus que 10 ans alors ne cherchez pas plus loin car mon cours est fait pour vous. J'utilserai une méthode d'apprentissage qui vous immersera dans la langue et qui va vous faire tomber amoureux de la langue Arabe avec ses magnifiques expressions et sa poésie ensorcelante.
I give English lessons in Tunis or online to all levels varying from beginner to advanced individually or for a group. The lesson can be done in the customers house depending on their preference. Lessons will generally last between 90 to 120 minutes depending on what the student wants. The way I teach is not a conventional way. I usually try to involve my students as much as possible in my lessons and try to make them independent so that they continue progressing even after we are done with the lessons. I can guarantee your progress during these English lessons in exchange I only ask for your motivation and your willingness to progress
I am an an engineering student who is an experienced English Tutor with an experience of more than 3 years teaching adults and teens.The classes you will have with me will range between 1 hour and 2 hours. You don't need anything I will bring all the necessary things. The method I adopt when teaching is not a traditional one .I use innovative ways to explain informations and to make it as clear as possible for my clients. Your English level will surely improve and in the end you will reach the level you have always dreamed about.
The subject most students struggle with is without a doubt Math. It is a nightmare for a lot of people but is it actually that difficult ? I am here to tell you that it is really not, most people underestimate how good they are at Math and I'm here to actually teach you how to tap into that potential and I absolutely guarantee that you will progress in no time. All you need for my lessons are an open mind and a willingness to learn. My lessons are not only for students studying for exams but also for adults wishing to improve their math skills. So what are you waiting for contact me and let's start off your journey.
J'offre des cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux sachant que j'ai un niveau avancé en Allemand C1+ (confirmé) et ayant obtenu mon certificat à GOETHE INSTITUT. Votre progrès avec moi est garantie et toute insatisfaction sera remboursée. J'essai toujours de rendre mes séances intéressantes et plus fun en intégrant des mini jeux et des quizz pour vous faire submerger dans la langue et pour que vous vous amusiez au cours de votre apprentissage.
Tunisian Dialect is without a doubt one of the most fascinating languages in the world. It is a beautiful mixture of Arabic, French and a bit of Italian. It may be confusing at first but if you dedicate the time to study it you will start communicating with natives here in no time, plus Tunisians are very kind so you will have no problem starting a conversation with a total stranger. Just message me if you are interested in learning the Tunisian dialect and let's get your journey started. Languages I can teach with : French, English and German
Ayant déjà plus que 5 ans d'expérience dans l'enseignement du français et ayant déjà vécu en France pour plus que 2 ans j'offre des cours particuliers aux débutants comme aux avancés dans la langue. Ma méthode d'apprentissage n'est pas une méthode traditionnelle car j'incite toujours mes clients à interagir avec moi et à leurs faire aimer la langue française. Je vous promets une progression remarquable à la fin de mon cours. Si vous etes intéressés veuillez me contacter afin qu'on puisse réserver et que vous puissiez commencer votre fabuleuse aventure dans l'apprentissage de cette belle langue.

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A teacher who really made things easy to understand very quickly!
great teacher plus he helped me revise and pass my B1 German exam. If you’re thinking of booking him this is your sign to go ahead! You won’t regret it
Good teacher.
Very clear and detailed
Very good teacher!!

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