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    Trusted teacher
    Hollywood vocal coach and recording artist now gives lessons for all levels. Worked with a lot of celebrities in usa We work on voice training, sound, breathing techniques, and song repertoire as well as recording in studios if you are good
    Yoga is more than what you just see in these cheesy commercials portraying the perfect looking person in a perfect yoga pose who makes you think that you will never be able to attain that look, so you don't even bother to try. Yoga is a lifesaver. You can take your dose of yoga to your work desk or during a break to activate and reset any moment in your stressful day. Yoga is a powerful tool: Focus on inner growth, healing, expelling unwanted energy, gain control of your body pains, achieve more flexibility, show gratitude. It's simply a magic tool inside of you. And before you know it, you might wind up in a yoga pose you thought you'd never reach! So what do I learn? - Breathing Techniques - Gain mental clarity and perform better in your career, school or private life - Expel addictions such as to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or sex - Overall healthy body, digestive and organ function - More especially flexibility in times of tech deformed bodies - Muscle strength and joint support - Stress, anxiety or depression release, finding inner happiness - Having more energy and vitality
    English for business beginners or for people who really want to improve their English. I also offer English conversational Also tutoring Sandy brings a wealth of experience having previously worked as a consultant to the United Nations committees on Conservation and Climate Change, Oscar-winning production teams, Emmy winners, and also the Swiss bank UBS.

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