This class is for anyone interested in the literature of Great Britain and the English speaking world, from beginners to advanced. The focus is to learn about, analyse and understand key works of English Literature. It is possible to focus on one period (such as Shakespearean, Modern, Medieval) or one area (such as Ireland, America, England). The class will use the works themselves, such as Dickens, Eliot, or Woolf, and will read and analyse in detail, with set essays and discussions. Even beginners are welcome.
This class is for anyone who wishes to practice or improve their English speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities. The class will focus on the practical, everyday use of English, with up-to-date, real-world material (such as recent news articles) and coursebooks. If preferred, the class can be strictly conversation. However, the usual process will involve one-to-one tasks, understanding vocabulary and grammar, and periodic progress reviews.
This class is for anyone writing creatively in the English language, whether in poems, fiction, or essays. The class will focus on drafting and redrafting, themes and devices, editing, composition, rhetoric and metre, among other topics. New and experienced writers are welcome, without regard to level of skill or experience.

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Joshua is helping me read Great Expectations. He is very helpful. He is very punctual too.
Joshua is very knowledgeable and patient and has good control over how he allocates his time. Today I had my first lesson and he was very well prepared and organized. Joshua is competent, professional, and methodical. I am looking forward to learning more about English literature. Highly recommended!

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