Speaking and listening topics are designed to help students acquire and use vocabulary, and to develop oral strategies in a variety of contexts. There will be advice about giving speeches and guidelines on how to conduct presentations. Being able to address an audience with confidence and, when relevant, persuade them to your way of thinking is a useful skill. My lessons can help you develop your thinking skills. Throughout your lessons with me, you need to consider carefully what you are reading, writing, or saying and demonstrate your reasoning. These lessons will help you do that. Reading texts that have been carefully chosen so students can read a wide range of prose genres, poetry, and play scripts. This will help students develop a better understanding of the written world, and to enjoy and appreciate different genres. The tasks will help students learn how to retrieve ad use information for different purposes, and how to discuss the writer's use of language for a particular effect. When progressing through units students will find out how to skim read and scan texts to get an idea of what it is about, then locate specific information. Students will practice the most important reading skills - inference - reading between the lines to identify themes, ideas, and unspoken or implicit meanings. Writing tasks - are designed to help you become more accurate and effective in the use of language and develop better creative writing skills for compositions. writing skills panels provide guidelines on how to plan and present different types of compositions. Many of these styles, such as summaries and discussion essays have real-life applications for further education and future employment for students.

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