The drumset is one of the most important and powerful instruments in a music ensemble. It does not only provide the rhythm and groove foundation for all the other instruments - it also defines the sound of the band, the character of the songs, the volume... just like an orchestra conductor. In these lessons (which are of course personalized and open depending on the interests of the student) we will work beyond the physical/mechanical aspect of the drums (technique, coordination, etc) into the musical aspect, so we will spend some time listening and analyzing music together, working on ear training and music theory from a practical point of view. I am committed to searching and applying different methods to empower and create connections between people through music practices. I strongly believe in creative and participative processes where music can build individual and collective positive changes. I have a long experience as a touring and recording performer, and as a cultural manager of my music projects, also in educational processes in institutions and programmes where I have been able to lead projects in a dynamic and constant dialog with team members and participants. Education MA Music (Development Pathway) - SOAS University of Frankfort /Germany ,2012

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