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Hello! If you can understand this message without having to translate then you are ready for my help! I am from California, and have been living here in Brussels since 2012. I am 39 years old. I speak West Coast (California) English. It's the English you hear in your favorite California movies. I love to help friends who already speak "european street English" while HAVING FUN! Did you know that 70% of learning a language is learned OUTSIDE of a classroom setting? So I propose we go to the park, we cook together, we go on a bike ride, we draw, we play. And of course we will talk a lot. When I hear an error I will correct you in a fun way, writing things for you, with FUN AND REAL examples, with drawings, ALWAYS STAYING 100% in English. That's correct, I will only speak English to you, because as you and I both know, you already speak English, and you have understood everything (or maybe 70%) of everything I just wrote. What you want is to improve or perfect your spoken English (we can work on writing, too). Immersion and fun, West Coast Style. And my university degree? Yes, I have two of them, in Languages and Literatures, and I speak 4 fully fluent languages, but for now I want you to learn by HAVING FUN! My friends can tell you how fun it is to learn with me. HOPE WE GET TO PLAY TOGETHER SOON! You can do it! Groups ok.

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