When one is looking for a simple, complete and free tool (freemium) to launch a newsletter, it is often MailChimp that meets the demand. It is a powerful tool to launch emailing campaigns that allows you to create your email templates, send them to several audiences in order to better segment your audience, but also to do A/B tests, among other things. Together, you will learn how to automate the sending of your business or ASBL newsletter, but also how to manage a mailing-list file by retrieving email addresses via your site, your WordPress, or on social networks/Facebook Ads via a form, not to mention the possibility of making a statistical follow-up. This course allows you to familiarize yourself with mailchimp in order to become autonomous, but also, if needed, to learn the best practices of lead management, and of email retrieval from qualified prospects. Among others, here are a few highlights of the course: Define the communication objectives of your newsletter Key messages you want to communicate Automated sending Using email templates Setting up its mailing-list Using the persona method Setting up a Landing page Measuring effectiveness Ensuring the follow-up of its campaigns ... I invite you to contact me to let me know your specific needs, this training can also be given in workshops at your office.
Woocommerce allows you to easily put your products online, I teach you how to manage the entire sales process on your site, I accompany you in your commercial strategy. I help you to create detailed product descriptions, to make up-selling and cross-selling in order to optimize the average price of your customer's basket. During this course, you will also learn how to set up a payment solution with Bancontact, manage your mailing costs according to your customer's place of residence and create promotions. Personalize your shop to reflect your business or your visual identity. At the end of this training, you will be able to manage your online store and advertise on Facebook to accelerate your sales. Do you want to start dropshipping? I explain you how to automatically link your shop with aliexpress and how to make curation of products on this platform, I also give you tips on how to find products that give you better profit margins and that are in the trends. It is recommended to follow the course I give about WordPress, Woocommerce being an extension of it. Be aware that this is a course, not a service :) I adapt as much as possible to your needs, but it is in your interest to follow the steps. By experience, I know that if I adapt too much to the student's requests, the pedagogy and your learning are slowed down.
For your professional activity or your passion (or both, you are lucky :) ), you need to create your website. In a few hours, I help you and explain you how to create a website on the platform of your choice. Wix.com Squarespace.com I teach you how to create blocks of text or images, how to import images, how to publish your articles, and how to properly build your SEO on Google. Use a domain name that represents your business. I also show you how to link your site to Facebook or Instagram, in order to share quality content. At the end of the course, you will have a site with your home page, your about page, pages for your articles and portfolios, and a contact page. This course is therefore aimed at those who want to have a quality presence on the web, it is of course also useful when looking for a job. Don't hesitate any longer, once your site is online you can start prospecting your customers.
Having a good knowledge of WordPress is a great asset, you increase your communication resources and gain in autonomy. I accompany you from the setting up of your site online to the proper configuration of it. As a preamble, you start by understanding what WordPress is, how to install it online with your own domain name. You can then integrate content: pages, articles, graphics, photographs, videos, webinars, contact form... All this without any line of code. The process is simple, in the following order or according to your needs, (if you want one or a few hours of lessons on a specific issue, please let me know your request): - Installation and basic configuration of WordPress online. - Securing and prioritizing the rights of the site's users: you and/or your colleagues. - Reflection and implementation of the best categorization for your content. - Management of menus. - Choosing the design and how to modify it. - Keywords and local search. - SEO: content prioritization, identification of your customers' or audience's path on the web and how to attract them to your site. - Image optimization: for a quick display of the site, better SEO and sharing on social networks. - Choice of the best plug-ins according to your specifications: e.g. setting up meetings, events, mailing-lists. - Multilingualism. - Best practices and tips for better site security. If you work for a small company or an organization, I adapt my course accordingly, so that you can use your website at best with your colleagues for a better sharing of tasks. This course is therefore aimed at those who want to have a quality presence on the web, knowing how to create a website is of course also useful when looking for a job. Don't hesitate any longer, once your website is online you can start prospecting your customers. But be aware that this is a course, not a service :), I adapt as much as possible to your needs, but it is in your interest to follow the steps. By experience, I know that if I adapt too much to the student's demands, the pedagogy and learning are slowed down. An express intervention can nevertheless be carried out, it concerns without restriction: the recovery of an offline or corrupted site, a backup maintenance, an incompatibility between several plug-ins, but also the implementation of contact or booking forms or any other functionality.
You are concerned about SEO, so you must have read several articles that explain that excessively putting keywords all over your site no longer works, you may even be penalized by search engines. So how do you get to the first page of a query? In 120 min, I explain the fundamentals and the principles, but I also share with you some tips. - What is the best platform to have a good SEO. - How to improve your site. - How to edit your articles so that Google understands them and highlights them. - How to tell Google information such as: hours of operation, address of your business and what you sell or offer as a service. You will also learn how to plan your keyword research, you are in a niche, so get to know the queries made by your potential customers. - Indicate in advance and automatically to Google any update of your site for a fast referencing. -You want to know how your competitors operate, what keywords they use and the technical means they implement. How does Google adwords advertising work, how to set up an advertising campaign and how to optimize it for the type of business you do. If you start your activity, or if it is already launched, in 120 minutes you have the keys in hand to accelerate the transformation of your prospects into customers.

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