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course: Training on dramaturgy at CEFPF and script reading at CEEA. Masterclass on the study of comedy, drama and love story genres by John Truby. Experiences: Confirmed experience in the Cinema and Television industry, with expertise in scenario analysis of films and TV fictions and accompaniment in literary direction. Master 2 in Cinema and Media. Certification training in scenario analysis: CEEA and CEFPF. Methodology: Consultation of Film and TV Scenario Analysis: * Study of the dramaturgical construction of a scenario: structure and characters. * Project development: from the first version to the final version. * Coaching and support for screenwriters: methodology, advice on finding a producer depending on the progress of the project.
course: * Literary and Cinematographic Studies with reinforced English option. * Proven experience in international companies and daily professional English practice * One year expatriation in England Experiences: * One year experience as a private teacher at Acadomia - college level: very good results obtained, rapid and efficient progression of the two students followed. * One year experience as a private tutor at home - high school level, bilingual school - exam follow-up and preparation for the Bac: learning an effective methodology throughout the year. Methodology: English courses - Tutoring and exam preparation. * Deepening of grammar, conjugation, written and oral comprehension and vocabulary acquisition. * Methodological tools and coaching on the state of mind in learning. * Teaching on the student's school book and possibility of learning on the desired tool: articles according to interests.
Experienced artistic coach, I propose to accompany you in your daily life and to teach you to change your view of your situation. In all these areas of your life: work, couple, family, work, organization, productivity or finance, I guide you to overcome your difficulties. I help you clarify your goals so you can reach them with more fun and ease. We work together to clarify the current state and to create the best solutions. This accompaniment is intended to take up a personal challenge and to realize it!
I design the class according to the level and need of the learner: from beginner to advanced level. We cover grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, spelling and day-to-day expressions. We focus on proper pronunciation, reading and understanding. We study from language books, articles or any material the learner would like to work on like specific exams for students or work projects for professionals. Passionate about films and TV series, I've created a specific class to learn French through Films & TV series throughout trailers and critics. It's a good opportunity to practice and discover new fictions ! In Paris, I'm teaching private lessons, group discussions and online tutoring. Please feel free to contact me if you need further details.

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A great French tutor!
Lovely person! Patient and real. Looking forward having more lessons together.

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