Ever wondered why dolphins are considered mammals although they look like fish? Or why you can only find certain animals in certain parts of the world? Or, maybe your concern is a bit more personal and you want to know how blood gets pumped all over your body? All of these questions can be covered in this course. Biology is known as a life science. It focuses on the study of life on earth. I've been studying this field for about 4 years now. Learning the science behind living thing, their processes and how they contribute to our environment is very important. In this broad topic area, you'll learn about the environment, disease, sexual health, anatomy and much more. Topics include: Beginner level cell biology Beginner and intermediate photosynthesis Beginner and intermediate respiration Systems and organs of the body beginner's Diseases beginner's genetics Beginner's plant anatomy Beginners environmental science ( atmosphere, habitat and nutrient cycles)

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