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10 course elements to succeed in your commercial activity! Rethink your offer! – Innovate, rethink your products and services by keeping in mind what your customers need, not what you want to sell to them. – Retarget your products to address a more restricted niche but which will recognize its needs more through this new offer. Don't forget that a product made to please Mr Everybody will ultimately not be bought by anyone because it is too generic. – Set up call products – Rethink the design and ergonomics of your products. – Turn your customers into ambassadors by offering functions and services in your products that offer more than the customer thought they would get when purchasing: – Question your arguments, product sheets… by updating them according to the current evolution of the economy, new modes of communication, the new needs of your customers, according to feedback from your salespeople… Make sure your customers don't forget you! – Tell a story about your company and its products for better memorization and to make your relationship more personal. – Send a physical postcard to best customers for your greetings, with a special promotion and information about your new products – Offer hyper-limited offers in time, prospects are overwhelmed which means that if you do not immediately encourage them to action you have every chance of losing them. – Treat your new customers like stars: roll out the red carpet (call from a sales representative, loyalty chain by email, satisfaction survey, etc.), call them by name in your communications, keep a history of all exchanges made, memorize their preferences and their needs to prevent them from giving the same information over and over again (loyalty card, link to their account in your emails, etc.), give them VIP gifts (VIP access to events, previews, etc.) … After this training (which basically takes 3 months), you will be able to retain your customers and build a solid customer base. You will then see your turnover grow day after day.
My training technique is based on informative and action-oriented approaches. I appeal to the students who are the beneficiaries of my courses, to encourage them to communicate their thoughts as much as they can, in order to raise expectations of their learning of the French language. I energize this cooperation by offering a relaxed and friendly working atmosphere, while keeping the important focus on learning. Being aware that learning a language is not easy, I am here to help my students to have confidence in their abilities. My methodology is also reformist. I first propose revelation practices using different documents such as writings, recordings or melodies. I then propose to study the sentence structures that have a link with the considered archives. Then I invite the students to use this new learning in various activities. Since the language is alive and spoken, I attach extraordinary importance to collaboration and correspondence. This is the reason why I encourage arrangement and oral creation in my classes. Obviously, I must also ensure that the student is fulfilled and that he can assess his progress, which is why I am attentive to the needs of the learner, and I adapt the content of my courses accordingly. I also give time to learn articulation, oral and written comprehension of students who wish to progress in French.

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