This one-to-one coaching could be useful for you if you... - want to create a clear picture of your desired future and your individual path - want to activate your unique resources and strengths - want to transform inner insecurity into confidence in order to focus your inner power - want to expand your scope of action - want to use your gifts to co-create the transition towards a life-affirming and vital lifestyle in harmony with nature. I combine hypnosystemic, solution-focused and embodiment methods that are particularly well suited to quickly develop coherent solutions and to support you in living a vibrant, authentic and life-affirming life. In addition we get inspiration from our intuition, as well as elements from positive psychology, permaculture and nature.
The best way to learn a new language is through natural interaction. And I believe that you learn most effectively when you feel at ease and when you are having fun! You will see that each class is individually adapted to your personal learning style and that you can improve at your optimal level, because you will always be challenged but never overwhelmed. I am an enthusiastic language learner myself and know the importance of a fun and knowledgeable teacher. Because I enjoyed learning with great teachers so much, I'm committed to be that for you in every class as well. With this German class, you will get • a very competent, patient, and fun tutor with years of experience • a very supportive environment • as many opportunities as possible to actually speak German, reflect on it, and improve • 3-4 hrs of homework per lesson (if you want!) • heaps of audio and video material as well as many exercises to help you practise all aspects of the German language • and you will see how manageable the German grammar actually is! Of course, you can adjust the classes to whatever you consider to be most relevant for you! If you like my approach and want to improve your German, write me a message or book a lesson with me! I would love to help you with your German, whether in person or online! You can start right away at any level!

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Awesome session, looking forward to the next ones
Best German class I had in a while! really recommend.
We had a kickoff session which outlined the course and the training style of Benedikt. I feel comfortable with the agenda ahead.
Benedikt is a very friendly and patient person and I feel confident and at ease speaking in German with him.
Ce premier cours avec Benedickt a été vraiment super! Il est structuré, à l'écoute et à la recherche des besoins de l'apprenant! Je me réjouis de mon prochain cours!

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