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Kathak is one of the Indian classical dance forms from North India. It is the only dance form that portrays both Hinduism and Islamic culture. I will be teaching from the basics of the art form along with the theory aspects from Natyshastra and Abhinaya Darpana. Understanding why we are doing each step is very important when we learn something new. And when someone asks, one should be able to explain what they are learning and why it is done in that particular manner. I would also be teaching them the incorporation of theoretical aspects to the practicals, teaching different bedas and hand gestures(mudras), and their usages as they progress in order to understand what they are doing practically. All of these notes would be written by the students in their book for their future reference and self-practice. The class becomes intricate and complicated as they move forward. In every class they would be learning something new no matter whether it is big or small. Some days they might have homework or creative exercises so that it helps them to choreograph and also bring their imaginations through movements. I would be starting with the basic posture and the basic footwork called as tatkar as it is the basic and crucial one for this art form. Then it progresses to Tihai's and then to even with the usage of Ang ie, The hands and eyes and the sway of the body. Tatkar (Footwork) Chakkars(Pirouettes) Tihai’s (Rhythmical pattern repeated thrice as an ending) Usage of Ang( Inclusion of hand movements to Tatkar) Shloka (Angikam bhuvanam) Class Flow Namaskar Warm-ups Tatkar (Different speeds; Starting with the slow speed till the higher speed that they can do) Tatkar with Ang( In different speeds with the eye and hand movements in taught) Chakkars
Body is the biggest asset one possess; A healthy body helps to have healthy mind. Join me for the stretching & strengthening class, aligning with the body & mind in a safe environment. It is important to keep our muscles and tissues strong and fit for the betterment of our body and health. It is not just about the external aspect of the body but also looking into the internal parts of the body. These sessions would encourage you to find the balance within yourself and your body, through correct alignment, positioning and the engagement of right muscles along with weight shifts concentrating on the different parts of the body. With the flow of practice, we would be looking into understanding the body, its strengths and weaknesses and how to strengthen and stretch our body in a safer manner with our flow of breath increasing the mobility and agility. The practice would be a combination of yoga asana practice, animal flow of movements, cardios and breath work. Classes would be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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