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you want to quickly learn to communicate in the Tunisian language? This course is for you! Because it consists in learning Tunisian Arabic to interact easily with Tunisians. You will no longer have any excuse to speak and understand this magnificent language! I propose here to learn the Tunisian dialect, by overcoming the main difficulties, that is to say: - without having to learn literary Arabic (which is much more complex). - without having to learn to read or write Arabic characters. But we will use instead the "Latin" transliteration that Tunisians use most of the time to communicate via SMS, email or via Facebook. Tunisian will no longer hold any secrets for you with all the detailed grammar and conjugation rules for beginners.
Give your child the future he deserves. Do you want to significantly increase your child's average? Do you want it to become autonomous? For 2 years, I have helped more than 10 students in difficulty from college (sixth, fifth, fourth, third) and high school (second, first, terminal) to achieve their goals (good average, baccalaureate,) and to regain confidence in them. I am a student at INSAT. I had my scientific baccalaureate with an average of 16 so there is no need to worry;). I offer support courses in (physics, chemistry, math, science), each course is adapted according to the level of the student. My method in 3 points: - short term: significantly increase the average by assimilating the course and preparing for the next tests (assimilating the course, training in standard exercises, anticipating the teacher's expectations and test questions) - medium term: integrate reasoning and work methods assimilation, training exercise) - long-term: set a goal, build the steps to achieve this goal, become aware, have confidence in your abilities, unlock your potential) My greatest reward is to see my students progress, overcome difficulties and flourish throughout the school year, so do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information. I wish you very good luck in your research. Cordially.

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TALEL est un jeune homme remarquable, dynamique patient, et professionnel , nous sommes très content de ses séances. Malheureusement le mois prochain nous quittons la Tunisie.

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