I am a music composer and theorist. I have been working for 10 years with Sibelius Software. With this class, you will learn everything you need to know to be able to write, copy, arrange, and compose music scores, from baroque to contemporary music writing. You will also learn to produce good quality digital performances of your works, using MIDI language and music libraries.
Piano lessons for beginners and for those who would like to play as a hobby. I created a special program for students who want to play any kind of music (popular, jazz, classical), but can't spend a lot of time studying. You will learn how to read and play sheet music and chords. We cover the basics very fast so you will start playing your favorite songs right away. I also cover some theory that helps a better understanding of what you are playing. In this way the skills you get can then be used for playing other instruments, composing and songwriting.
Music Theory for all levels. Either you are just starting or you want to strengthen some subjects, these classes are tailor-made for your needs. I can teach: - Music theory for all levels. (Analysis, notation, history - Composition and arrangement for all levels. (Harmony, melody, composing processes, orchestration) - Ear training and solfeggio. (Melody, rhythm, memory, and coordination) I can help you to take the ARBSM theory examinations (Grades 1-8) and Associate and Licentiate diplomas.

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Alan is a great teacher and super nice guy. He pay extra attention to your problems with piano and try to fix them using smart and innovative methods. I like the fact that he sometimes doesn't stick to the 60 mins and ask to extend it if he feels something is missing or incomplete. I already had 7 lessons with him and looking for more. Highly recommended.

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