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Physics-chemistry extras course by physicist and professor of physics

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The courses are adapted to each student, his achievements, his difficulties and his objectives. They are based essentially on the practice of exercises and exam subjects, supplemented by the clarification of theoretical notions that would not have been understood. Clear explanations and effective advice allow you to acquire ease and serenity to fill gaps, better organize your work, regain self-confidence.


At student's location: Around Geneva, Switzerland
Online via webcam

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Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

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French, English

About Me

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I am a physicist by training and currently work at the European Center for Nuclear Research. I give classes in extras mainly for students.


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Bachelor in Physics and Master in Physics of Individuals at the University of Geneva
PhD Student at the University of Zurich
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. C.Amsler and Dr. Roland Horis-

Experience / Qualifications

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Teaching assistant at the physics department, University of Zurich Switzerland
Working at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, LAC-HEC Lab

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from $65.19Online via webcam
from $82.50At student's home

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Private lessons in Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT
The Math, Physics, Chemistry and SVT courses are either thorough explanations or a quick and essential summary of the needs of each student supported by book exercises or assessments and exams from other high schools. My experience is too long and for years I have learned methods for each case and for each student to fill in their gaps with the best results of Excellent, Very Good and Good as a mention of my students. As well as I can help students to better prepare courses and support to better prepare the duties of CNED in science subjects

Private lessons and support in Chemistry and Science
Tutoring of students in the area of chemistry (IGCSE and IB programs). The lessons are designed to enable students to improve their understanding of the school subjects and thus their grades. The target audience are students from primary school up to high school. The lesson will be structured as follows: -Go over the homework, questions are answered and facts explained. -The concepts are applied repeatedly to problems and exercises to help the student's uncerstanding -If the time allows it, the student is prepared for the next lesson at school In addition, I will give insights on how to learn better (how to organize, how to take notes, how to memorize facts and formulas and how to prepare for exams). Lessons can be in English, Greek or French. My experience I have a PhD and MSc in Sustainable Chemical Engineering and a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry. During my PhD, I have taught chemistry classes and laboratory techniques to students from Foundation and Bachelor degree, and supervised science projects at Masters degrees.

mathematics tutoring in Math- and physics-chemistry
I am an Engineer and Manager in energy training, I give private lessons in Geneva since 2009. In collaboration with Mrs. Merminod, teacher and trainer at the IUFE at the University of Geneva. I was also in a private school also in Geneva.

Student at Ens Paris-Saclau offers private lessons in math - physics any level
Hello, I am a student of ENS Paris-Saclay in training at the observatory of Geneva until June and I am looking for courses to give high school / high school / CPGE. I have already given in Paris courses in physics and maths second / first level as well as maths prep eco level first year. I approach the subject in a free way and I adapt to the student, I draw the examples in my personal experience. I always prefer that the basics be understood before trying more in-depth exercises, I differentiate complex and difficult.

Private lessons in Life and Earth Sciences high school level
I propose to review and deepen the programs of SVT of college and high school, both in terms of substance and form, emphasizing the scientific approach, helping the drafting of syntheses and rigorous analysis of documents. The realization of some practical work (in particular the use of the software approached in progress) is also possible. SVT teacher for 6 years, having worked in different schools and also taught abroad, I hold the CAPES since 2015. I had the opportunity to teach in all levels of middle and high school, most regularly in classes of 1 ° S and Terminale S (including specialty program), and was delighted to be able to accompany students to the baccalaureate. I also worked with elementary school students, as well as dys- and other students with attention disorders, and did homework help and tutoring until the end-of-school level. middle School. Holder of a Master of Research in ecology / environment, as well as a Master's degree obtained at the University of Orsay during my preparation for the aggregation, I obtained my CAPES in July 2015. I then benefited from a year postponed internship, during which I left to teach in French lyceum in Mauritius, and then returned to validate my competition on the academy of Lyon. I have also been eligible for the aggregation twice.

Tuition Mathematics, English, Physics
I am a 17 year old schoolboy currently in 2nd year of the optional college in Physics and Mathematical Application. I offer courses in Physics, Mathematics or English (I am English) for students in the orientation or primary cycle.

Mathematics and Chemistry Physics Course offered by an experienced teacher
For a dozen years I help students and students in mathematics and physics-chemistry. I make a skills assessment during the first class and I commit to quantitative results. I can indeed certify a quarterly increase of the notes between 1 and 4 points according to the file taken into consideration. This rare positioning is the consequence of a permanent optimization of my teaching methods and especially of a real ability to perfectly detect the learning structure of each of my students. During school holidays, I do courses in private lessons.

Mathematics, geometry, drawing, mechanics, 3D imaging and computer courses
Working part-time in the watch industry, I have been tutoring for several years in the context of refresher, one-off support or preparation of exams or competitions. Very experienced in relation to the difficulties encountered by students and pedagogue, I adapt to everyone's needs in order to quickly regain the necessary confidence, the methodology of mathematical reasoning and thus allow rapid improvement of results. Experienced and pedagogue, I adapt to the needs of the student to help him consolidate his knowledge methodically, to regain confidence and improve as quickly as possible its results. I teach these courses in a radius of 30 km around Geneva.

Mathematics courses all levels in Geneva
I teach math and physics support at all levels, I graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and financial analyst at a major bank in Geneva. See you soon in Geneva.

Science tutoring: Maths, Physics, Biochemistry
Holder of a gymnasial maturity in Biochemistry since September 2017, I offer my teaching services in all scientific subjects. I am in sabbatical year and I give my classes in parallel of small jobs. I am available, I prepare my lessons and offers homework and small regular exams to see the progress. These arrangements depend on the student's time and the expectation of the parents, in order to propose something suitable for the student.

Private lessons Science (maths, physics, bio) and English (all levels)
Experienced private tutor for all cases and all ages. Flexibility and perseverance! We'll get there : - support and homework lessons, - remedial course, - preparation course, - discovery course. All levels (early primary to late college).

Private lessons in mathematics and physics, all levels
Effective pedagogy throughout the year, or one-off support, or exam preparation. Long experience, level College of Geneva, Federal Maturity, French Bac, HEC (1st semester). Availability during school holidays throughout the school year and in summer.

Homework help math, natural sciences in English, French, German
This course and a courtyard help, to accompany a student during the school year. The course covers math and science from primary school to high school. The first part of this course is normally reserved for the revision of the duties of the student. In addition any questions and uncertainties are answered and explain. Then follows the cramming part to reinforce the concepts learned until the students become on to themselves with regard to applying the techniques. At the end of the course if time and situation permit, I prepare the students for their next class. In addition to the subjects I am struggling to explain to students how to "learn to learn" so that my courses have a long lasting effect. This includes showing them how to organize and prepare for the exam. I have over seven years experience in helping dozens of schoolchildren improve their grades. I am also comfortable with children and young people with rather serious problems like dyscalculia, fear of school or who are seriously demotivating. For these children I try to look even more patient than usual, explaining every little detail in a way that is easy to understand until everything is understood In addition to the subjects I am struggling to explain to students how to "learn to learn" so that my courses have a long lasting effect. Being trilingual, I master French, German and English at the same level. Courses may take place in any of these languages.

Private lessons in Maths & Physics for all levels.
(In English below) J'ai un diplôme de Master en Physique ainsi qu'une licence en Génie de l'Energie. J'offre des cours privés en Mathématiques et Physique pour tous niveaux jusqu'à la licence (inclue). Je propose une aide personalisée pour chaque élève en utilisant le matériel donné en cours et en identifiant les obstacles à l'apprentissage. L'accompagnement de l'élève par des exercices est, selon moi, le meilleur moyen d'apprendre. Ces matières me passionnent et j'espère partager ce que j'ai appris avec le monde qui m'entoure en démystifiant certains préjugés sur les capacités de chacuns à résoudre des problèmes. I have a master's degree in Physics and a Bachelor's degree in Energy Technology. I give private lessons in Maths and Physics for all levels until the Bachelor's degree (B.Sc. courses included). I offer personalized help for each student using the material given in class and identifying the hurdles along the way. Accompanying the student through exercises is the best way, in my opinion, to learn. I am passionate about these topics and I hope to share the things I have learned with others by demystifying some of misconceptions one may have about their abilities or those topics.

Physics for Bachelor or Master students by Chevron teacher
Because of my teaching experience in several French and American universities, I have a long practice of teaching undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of scientific disciplines such as physical and chemical thermodynamics, mechanics fluids, Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Spectroscopy but also electronics, statistics etc ... Proven pedagogy, particularly adapted to students in higher education As well as punctual focus, intensive sessions (review review, September catch-up) or follow-up throughout the year. With regard to medical studies (medicine and pharmacy) I taught a lot of physics and biophysics: fluid physics, mechanics, thermodynamics but also parts of the histology program (energetics, fluid compartments). Small group course possible (up to 3i students)