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Piano Lessons—Classical and Contemporary (ages 6-adult)

Hello! Welcome to my piano teaching platform through Apprentus. I am a classically-trained pianist, currently studying the Postgraduate Concertsoloist program at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerpen. I previously received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in piano performance in the United States (University of Minnesota and TCU-Fort Worth). My resume includes collaboration with many different instrumentalists and singers, performing as soloist with orchestra (also as harpist), and receiving top prizes in several competitions. In addition to my own training, I have taught piano professionally for 12 yrs, all levels and ages, as well as adult group class during my masters degree. My students regularly perform in many recitals, and I promote a spirit of fun and positive music-making with all my students, no matter the level or age :) Upon request, I can also prepare students for grades 1-8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) piano exams.


At teacher's location: Oudekerkstraat, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
At student's location: Around Antwerp, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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About Me

Music is my passion, and I love to share that passion with others—particularly my students! I teach a variety of styles, although my own training is classical. Generally, I choose music that fits the student’s level and personality—every student is very different! With that in mind, I emphasize good technique and skills, so that the playing experience can be with a certain amount of ease and enjoyment. I also love to learn new pieces (modern and Classical) from my students themselves, so music requests from my students are encouraged :)


Bachelor of Music: Piano Performance (Graduating Summa Cum Laude) at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, USA

Master of Music: Piano Performance at University if Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Experience / Qualifications

12 years of teaching all levels

Students regularly participate in recitals/exams/competitions (if they want—we aim to keep it fun!)

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Great lessons!
Lydia is a very good and professional. I had my first lesson today and will continue to learn piano from her as long as I can.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Pianoles of pianobegeleider voor solisten (ook deelname wedstrijden)
Pianolessen voor kinderen en volwassenen op maat. Indien er geen voorkennis is, zal er ook een beetje muziektheorie aan te pas komen. Vooral klassieke stukken, maar ook stukken die men zelf aanbrengt (moderne, hedendaagse, populaire ...) Ik kijk er al naar uit je te mogen ontmoeten en je wegwijs te maken in de wonderbaarlijke wereld van muziek.

Inés Suárez
Celloles voor alle niveaus Cello lessons for all the levels Clases de violonchelo para todos los niveles About me: Bachelor in Spain and Holland, Master in Belgium (Antwerp). Currently working as a freelance and as a private teacher. Feel free to ask!

Violin Lessons: begginers, intermediate and advanced levels, all ages
I start playing violin when I was 5 years-old, and since then I never stoped. I thank my first teachers for passing me the entusiasm, passion and love for playing violin when I was a child. So... I would love to pass the same feeling to my students, to have fun while playing violin and learning new music! In my first years playing violin, I followed the Susuki Method (you can find more information about it here:, and I find it really interesting for begginers (till intermediate students), since it really gives good basis and also keeps the students motivated (because of the repertoire, of playing together...). >Beginners: my idea is to introduce the student to Susuki Method, and to follow it after. If the student wants to pursue another Method, we can search together and see the best way to suit the student needs. >Intermediate/Advanced: first, my idea is to see the level of the student, and what the student expects from violin lessons (just learning for fun, hobby; amateur-musian; guidance for study; prepare for auditions; concerts;...). After that, the programme and lessons should be develop according to student needs. If possible I would also like to do group lessons (with all the students), because I find it really important to do music together and share experiences.

Music and cello lessons in Antwerp - All levels and all ages.
Hello! My name is Beatriz. I am a Spanish cellist and I have just finished my Master Studies at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Would you like to learn to play the cello? Do you want to improve your technique?Do you love music and you want to enjoy it as an amateur? It's time to prepare auditions?. The lessons are adapted depending on your level and your goals. I love teaching and I have 10 years of experience teaching children and adults. Feel free to ask for more info. Let's do some music together!

Violin and Viola lessons for kids from 5 years old till adults of maximum 99 years
I'm a professional Viola player with a postgraduate diploma from the Koninlijk Conservatorium van Antwerpen and I have years of experience as a private violin teacher and as a Viola, Violin and Chanber music Teacher in the National System of Musical Foment in México. The teaching system is according to the student's needs and goals and group lessons are open to discussion.

Music lessons: Composition, Piano, History and Theory (En and Pt)
This class is for all music lovers. In the last 10 years, I have been teaching Piano to children with 3 years to young adults. I am aiming to teach Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced musicians, willing to know more about: Composition Orchestration Music Theory Music History Piano I will work concerning the student's ambition. short CV: Bachelor in Composition at ESMAE, Porto, Portugal. Master in Composition at Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Post-Graduate in Composition at Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Currently attending to PhD in the Arts - Composition at University of Antwerp and Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. Masterclasses in Composition with: Filipe Lopes, Pascal Dusapin, Kaija Saariaho, Wolfgang Mitterer, Emmanuel Nunes, Marko Ciciliani, Wim Henderickx, Ivan Fedele, among others. Masterclasses of Music Pedagogy with: Jorge Prendas, Jos Wuytack, Pierre van Hauwe, Lenka Pospisilova, Cláudia Oliveira and António Miguel.

Gitaar- en pianolessen op maat, wanneer jij wil, op jouw tempo, in jouw stijl.
SORRY, OP HET MOMENT ZIT ALLES VOL. Excuses voor het ongemak! Let op: Enkel lessen van een half uur, in reeksen van 10! (nieuwe leerlingen kunnen eerst éénmalig een reeks van 5 lessen boeken, om te proberen) Meester Ed geeft individuele muzieklessen op maat in een ontspannen sfeer. Dit kan in zijn werkruimte in Antwerpen of bij jou thuis! Alle niveaus en alle leeftijden zijn welkom, ook absolute beginners! Meester Ed is gestructureerd, maar flexibel: hij begeleidt je persoonlijk in jouw stijl (van rock tot klassiek tot improvisatie) met de aanpak die het best bij jou past. Je hoeft ook niet elke week op les te komen, en zelfs niet steeds op dezelfde dag.

Pianoles, Cours de piano, Piano lessons (alle niveau's, all level)
Ik geef pianoles op maat van elke student. Met een diploma van zowel klassieke piano als jazz en lichte muziek, ben ik thuis in heel wat stijlen. Aspecten die ik behandel tijdens de les: techniek, muzikaliteit, improvisatie, creativiteit, ... Ik heb ervaring met zowel kinderen als volwassenen. --- I teach piano with a different approach for every student. With a degree in both classical piano and jazz/lighter music, I feel at ease in quite a number of styles. During the lesson I focus on these aspects: technique, musicality, improvisation, creativity, ... I have experience with both children and adults. --- Je donne des cours de piano, avec une approche différent pour chaque élève. Avec un diplome de piano classique et jazz/pop, je me sens confortable dans des styles différents. Pendant les cours, je me concentre sur la technique, musicalité, improvisation, créativité, ... J'ai de l'expérience avec des enfants et des adultes.

Violin and Music theory lessons, all levels in Antwerpen
PROFESIONAL VIOLIN PLAYER based in the city of Antwerpen. Welcome to my violin and music theory lessons! I’m a spanish violinist with the diplomas of Master of Arts and Orchestra Postgraduate from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. I love teaching and with 8 years of experience, I give lessons to all levels and ages. The program will be always defined according to the objetives of the student and with a totally personalized schedule. Relaxed atmosphere. Whatever your question, do not hesitate to contact me!

Cello voor beginners. Leer zelf het mooiste instrument spelen
Ik speel zelf al 8 jaar cello in alle stijlen, heb orkestervaring en wil graag mijn passie delen met (beginnende) cellisten. Heb je zin om het mooiste instrument te leren spelen, dan ben je hier op het juiste adres. Ook volg ik al 3 jaar AMT (muziektheorie), vragen over notenleer zijn dus ook welkom.

Method of Independence for The Modern Marimbaplayer
Ik probeer de marimbastudent bewust te laten worden van de verschillende klanken die een marimba kan produceren, a.d.h.v. die klanken wil ik zijn techniek verbeteren en hem leren fraseren. Dit allemaal vanuit ontspanning, want vele slagwerkers zijn zich er niet van bewust hoe veel spanning er in hun lichaam zit wanneer ze spelen, en op welke plaatsen. Ook bekijken we de verschillende technieken die mogelijk zijn op de marimba en zoeken we welke het beste bij jou past. Ik geef zowel les aan beginners als gevorderden.

VIOLIN LESSONS for all ages and SPANISH lessons/conversation. Healthy learning!
If you want to enjoy learning how to play violin in an easy, fun way, or so does any of your kids, just let me know! I am a Master student in deSingel. I have studied Violin and Orchestral Performance in Spain and Sweden, and now it´s Belgium's turn. I can also help with music theory or preparing entrance examinations to music schools. I also enjoy a lot with conversation lessons, in case you are interested in Spanish language. I am completing my degree in English Filology at the distance University. I have experience as a music teacher with both adults and children. Hope to meet you if interested!

Piano lessons and/or Music theory for all levels in Antwerp
These classes are addressed to anyone who wants to learn the piano from scratch or who has previous knowledge of the instrument. I'm a gradute pianist with 5 years of experience in teaching and also prepare students for auditions to the Conservatoire or music schools. I specialise on classical music but also have knowledge in jazz and light music. I have had students of all ages and adapt myself very well to their preferences. If you are bored of mechanical piano lessons, here is a great opportunity to change that!

Classical/Jazz Piano, music theory, Jazz improvisation
This class would be for piano students ranging from beginner to intermediate level. I specialize in classical however having played a lot of jazz I would be able to touch on jazz for more intermediate/advanced players. My goal is to introduce piano and music to children in an enjoyable and efficient way. As a more intermediate musician, I aim to correct wrong techniques, give you methods of practicing and help you become more autonomous in your practice methods as well as possibly introduce you to jazz music and improv along with theory if needed so that you can get on your piano and improvise cheeky tune.