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Trusted teacher: Professional singer returned to Switzerland after a musical career of more than 25 years in California. My initial training, which began in Switzerland at a very young age, gave me a solid classical foundation. My passion for current music has led me to study under several renowned industry coaches in the Los Angeles area. From pop to R&B and rock. Member of the groups "Lords of Queen" (tribute to Freddie Mercury) and "BigSky" (with original compositions), whose music is broadcast on several radio stations and streaming platforms around the world. My modern approach to singing teaching is tailor-made, adapted to your pace and your aspirations. We will work on self-confidence, highlighting your innate talents and overcoming your apprehensions. Patience and relaxation are the main pillars of my educational philosophy. With a holistic approach, combining breathing techniques, meditation and yoga to help you develop a deep connection with your voice. Work on a repertoire of your choice accompanied by guitar, piano or a karaoke band. Possibility of preparation for voice competitions. I support you throughout your project in order to help you progress at your own pace while respecting your musical style. We can also work in my recording studio to learn recording techniques and the use of music production software (DAW) such as Pro Tools, Abelton Live Logic Pro X and Garage Band. At the heart of this program: 1. Diaphragmatic Breathing: Learn to breathe deeply using your diaphragm. This will allow you to support your voice and produce more powerful and stable notes. 2. Posture: Proper posture helps free your voice and prevent unnecessary tension. 3. Vocal warm-up: This may include scale exercises and vocalizations. 4. Vocal register management: work on the transition between the different vocal registers (chest voice, mixed voice, head voice) to create a uniform and balanced voice. 5. Mastery of the vocal pose: artistic interpretation, improvisation, stage presence and microphone technique. 6. Articulation: practice clear and precise articulation (French and English).
Singing · Guitar
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Drum Course (Beginner, Intermediate) (private lesson) (Remaufens)
Excellent tutor - brilliant with children.
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