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23 piano teachers in Riemst

Trusted teacher: Hello, My name is Irina and I have been working as a professional opera singer and a singing teacher for over ten years. I recently moved from London to Maastricht where I live now with my husband and our 4 year old son. I studied at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and the Royal Academy of Music in London. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Opera, which is the highest qualification level (Level 8) in the UK Qualifications Framework. I performed in many prestigious venues in the UK, including Royal Albert Hall, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Barbican, and St.Martin-in-the-Fields. I worked with Nelly Miricioiu, Jane Glover, Vladimir Jurowski, Robin Ticciati, Stéphane Denève, and many other renowned coaches and conductors. I am currently part of the Limburg Education Tour project 'Weltatem', which is a collaboration between Het Geluid Maastricht (Romy Roelofsen and Gable Roelofsen) and Kirsten Schötteldreier. Alongside my performing career, I also have been teaching singing. I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that music, whether it is listening to a concert, playing the guitar, or singing in the shower, is good for both our mental and physical well-being. It helps us to become more self-confident, find out more about how we can use our whole body as an instrument, to express and channel our feelings, and also to relax. It is never too early or late to start. Whatever your ability, aspiration, and age is, I am happy to explore with you both classical music and musical theatre. If you can learn how to use your voice properly you will be able to sing whatever and however, you want! For children, I do not only teach singing but also beginners piano and basic music theory. It is very important to introduce music to the little ones from a very early age. And there are so many fun ways to learn. We discover and become little musicians through games, songs, dancing, movement, and acting. Finally, I can offer Russian language coaching for both amateur and professional singers. Before pursuing my dream of becoming an opera singer, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Translation from Voronezh State University in my home city. As a result, throughout my singing and teaching career, I have also been asked to work as a Russian language coach and repertoire coach on many occasions. I normally teach at my home and also online. On some occasions, I could travel to a student's home, by special arrangement. Lessons have to be taught online, if there are government coronavirus related restrictions in place. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
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Trusted teacher: At my studio my students will not only learn how to play the piano, but they will receive a complete musical education in order to achieve their musical dreams. I will give all my best so everybody will get the tools for developing their own voice, helping them to master the instrument and teaching them all the theoretical knowledge they’ll need to make their particular personality shine. Openness, joy, dedication, creativity and passion for music are some of the things that you will find in the international environment of my studio. I care about who my students are and what they have to say to the world, and I will help them to develop it from the very first lesson. In my class you will not only be able to receive piano lessons but also will learn to understand how the music works as a language. If the interest and the profile of the student goes in the direction of the purely classical music performance, the lessons will be focused on a deep and conscious piano technique development, practicing techniques, musical interpretation, history of music, history of the piano, applied harmony on the keyboard, analysis, and score reading by a method that I have developed for over 15 years of experience. And if the students wish, I can help them to prepare for the ABRSM exams and competitions as well. All this is aiming to achieve in a very practical and exciting experience the best results in the fastest way possible. But if the profile and the interests of the students goes on another way, I will give them all the tools they need to understand the language of music in depth, so they can find their own voice on the instrument. In that case the lessons will include contents of piano technique, score reading, applied harmony on the keyboard, composition, improvisation, musical arrangement, music production, recording techniques, jazz and pop music analysis and performance. Both programs can be combined depending on the focus and the profile of the student, or in case the student would like to go deeper in one of the previously mentioned subjects there is the opportunity to take an independent course of specialization on the desired topic. At the end of the semester every student will perform at the winter and summer concerts held every year and will have the possibility of making a recording session with the material worked during the term. With this, the student will not only be able to see his progress and work, but also will give him a direct experience of performing and working on a live or studio recording session, which is a fundamental part of the developing process of every musician. Hope you can join and if so, I’ll be very happy to teach you!
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Piano private lessons(Jazz & Classical); Music theory; Song writing in Maastricht (Maastricht)
My son had his first-ever Piano lesson with Pian, initially, I was worried that he would get intimidated by the complicated music notes and concepts, and immediately lose interest in learning. But Pian is an experienced teacher who knows how to lead the kids into the topic, she was methodical and patient. Myy son had lots of fun in his first lesson, and he is looking forward to the next one. Pian also had done some follow-ups, to share some learning materials with me which are very helpful. I would recommend Pian to anyone who wants to have a patient, experienced, caring and resourceful piano teacher.
Review by SUE
Piano lessons with new methods and creative techniques for any ages. (Maastricht)
Farnoosh is a very good teacher. She is very friendly and polite person. And she now’s how to handle you. She is doing her job wel done. I choose for de American way to teache me. It is very relaxt. Not in a hurry. Technic is also important for her. She’s Teaching you how to use the correct fingering on the keys. And counting by the notes. You are a great teacher.
Review by BERT
Trombone and Piano Teacher. (Good Level Experience) (Maastricht)
Yu-Ya is an excellent teacher. She is nice, patient, and enthusiastic. She chose the pieces according to my level and interests, and she made the practice plan to strengthen my weaknesses. The most impressive part is she pointed out my blindspot and tried different methods to work on my terrible sense of tempo, which works very well. Highly recommended!
Review by JHEN