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58 piano teachers in Lausanne

Trusted teacher: After a very long experience as a piano teacher, being in permanent research on new ways to approach the teaching and a permanent pedagogic and didactic investigation for each student: My goal is to develop the best motivational scenario for each student and each situation in order to achieve the short and long term goals in the most effective, deep and captivating way possible. So, here are some lines of my way of working and the objectives of the courses: - Learn the language of music through improvisation, writing, movement, body and instrument in a progressive way. - Discover and contextualize the elements that create and connect sounds and rhythms. - Develop these skills from play and vocal and instrumental practice. - Practice the instrument from the first lessons. - To have the keys to approach the musical language and the reading of the partitions. - Approach in a playful and creative way by the composition the learning of the elements of counterpoint and harmony. - Discover the magic of this musical world from the needs and expectations of students in an environment conducive to learning, listening and communication, essential elements to make music and for life. Tour the world can play the piano. Why not you? "Music education is actually the education of the person" according to Claudio Abbado. Professor available, flexible, reliable and easy communication.  Languages: Catalan and Spanish (nursery)  French, English and Italian (fluent) Xavier, Graduate in Pedagogy of Music, piano specialty. Esmuc Bachelor and Master in mixed composition. Geneva High School of Music Studies in orchestra direction. ESMuC, HEM Geneva, HEM Lausanne
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Hello to you! Pianist graduated from a Master in instrumental pedagogy at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, currently in development at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève (Master in old keyboards), I offer private piano lessons in Lausanne, le Mont-sur -Lausanne and Renens, at your home, whatever your age or level. For ten years now, I have been transmitting the pleasure of music and the piano by giving lessons that I adapt as much as possible to the level, age and desires of each. I am particularly experienced in teaching the piano to adults wishing to start or resume the piano after years of hiatus. Regarding my lessons for children and teenagers, I like to use their imagination and critical thinking, for dynamic and stimulating lessons. I want to give each student a solid foundation, which will allow him to progress quickly and acquire autonomy. The focus of the course is on the songs you want to learn. From these pieces, we will gradually approach the notions of music theory and harmony which will be necessary for you to understand these pieces and to play them. I always work on music theory from concrete situations on the instrument. I will also offer you some simple exercises (some say they are even fun!) To read and learn sheet music faster. We will also play together, with various pieces for four hands. I will add to this a little free improvisation and finger exercises, for the pleasure of relaxing and being guided by the sounds of the instrument. I will also take some time to tell you about the life of the composers, the history of music and the origin of the pieces you will play ... and to answer any questions you may have! Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your wishes on the piano, and we will see together how to make them come true. See you soon! Matilda A reduced student or family rate, or a package of 10 or 20 lessons at a reduced rate are possible, do not hesitate to tell me about it. IMPORTANT: I am trained in classical piano. I teach 90% from sheet music written in full notes, and I am passionate about helping you learn to read them too. I gladly help my students to learn pieces of jazz / film music / current music, it is an important part of our lessons, but we also work classical in parallel, because this is the style in which I can them. bring the best of my skills. This means that if you are looking for: - Lessons without music theory - Jazz improvisation / current music lessons - Classes where we never approach classical music - Lessons between which you do not want, or do not have the opportunity to practice a minimum of time or on a correct instrument (digital or acoustic) - Musical awakening lessons for a child under 6 (I am not qualified for this audience), Unfortunately, I will not be the right teacher for you, and I thank you in advance for not contacting me.
Trusted teacher: ---------------------> Do you want to be able to: -> to IMPROVISE on jazz standards or those pieces that you love ? -> ACCOMPANY someone who sings or an instrumentalist while being satisfied with your game? To enrich your chords and rhythmic games mode? -> to COMPOSER your own pieces, to finally be able to put music on your texts or to arrange them so that they are highlighted? -> to PLAY simply the piano, to release your creativity by being limited only to the notes of the scores but to be able to interpret freely the tunes that you hum, that you hear? -> to UNDERSTAND how does the harmony, the relation between the chords and the notes of the melody work? Understand why one can replace one agreement with another? If you answered YES to at least 1 of these questions and are motivated to progress, then this course is for you ... My pedagogy? Goal: Learning musical language leading to autonomy in order to express themselves through different spheres of music namely improvisation, arrangement, composition, solo or group piano playing. Organization of the course: The course consists of several parts working on the desires and needs of the student. In a good mood, we discuss, explain, define the important musical concepts that we will discuss and then use, making sure that they are understood using examples. We do some exercises of applications together and I also send you those to do for the next class. It is necessary to have your own notebook. I provide you the necessary supports to train you, (audio documents, pdf, handouts). My pedagogy is based on the work of understanding the musical material and visualization. Since music involves many senses, it is important to develop auditory (sound), kinesthetic and logical awareness to work intelligently and maximize the curve of progress. This work will obviously be done according to your objectives and desires to reach. In SUMMARY, I teach the piano through: -> Improvisation -> harmony (learning chords and understanding them) -> rhythmic forms (independence and coordination of hands) -> the accompaniment -> the arrangement -> the composition -> instrumental technique -> the score reading -> the development of the ear If you are totally beginner, do not panic! We will do a program together and you will also learn how to read quickly. Promised, it will not be boring! ;) Whether you want to work on improvisation in depth, the different types of accompaniment or learn your favorite songs, I'm here to help!
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Trusted teacher: Bee Creative is a creative arts company that offers music, art, drama, English and Harry Potter classes! ​ Bee Creative was founded and is directed by Emily Hornsby - Martinez, a qualified primary school and music teacher, originally from England. ​​ Emily started teaching instrumental lessons at the age of seventeen in London, England and started her own company in 2010. Emily has extensive experience in preparing students for ABRSM exams and a 100% pass rate record. She competed in various piano competitions in London, receiving medals for 2nd and 1st place. She earned a Bachelor of Music with Honours degree at City University, London, specialising in classical and film composition with a performance module in piano and voice at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. Emily then completed a Post Graduate teaching qualification with a specialism in music at the Institute of Education, London. Emily moved to Switzerland in 2013 to continue her teaching career in an international environment. ​ Her two specialist instruments are voice and piano, however she also taught herself the guitar and the violin and can teach these at a beginner's level. ​ Two of Emily's greatest strengths are building excellent relationships with students and the ability to teach in a fun and creative way which engages the student. ​​ All classes at Bee Creative are created by Emily and are accessible for every student and designed with a student-centered approach. Classes are fun, creative and allow students to express themselves artistically in a safe and happy environment.
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Carole is a wonderful piano teacher. She makes an effort to get to know you and your knowledge of the piano and music theory so that she can give you the best experience of learning the instrument. She is very flexible when it comes to what you want to learn, if there is a piece of music you endeavour to learn, she'll do everything that you achieve it. I've just had my first lesson and I can't wait for the next ones.
Review by YVONNE
Rhythmic piano and Solfeggio lessons for all levels in Geneva (Geneva)
Super prof de piano! Tres pro et pédagogue
Review by FLORENCE
Tennis player for 20 years R5 gives cheap lessons (Lausanne)
The teacher was great in all manners
Review by ARMAN