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63 guitar teachers in Amsterdam

Trusted teacher: Hey! (Lessons in English) Do you want music explained? I produce Hiphop and electronic music! Beats, Instrumentals, Songs, Sounds, Jingles: everything I want. I've always been very passionate about sounds and until I was 10 I try to create the best music. I have independent musical education but very technical. I wish you feel to Be Ambitious to succeed Be Imaginative to push the boundaries Be Inspirational Be Results-focused to exceed expectations and create structure [LESSONS ARE GONNA BE IN ENGLISH] The kind of lessons that I will host are very different and not mainly implemented on the theoretical part of the music production but on the practical one. I will explain you every step that I will take during my production process. I will produce beats using my techniques and methods during the lessons and I'll try to transplant in you the beauty of immagine, composing, editing, mix and producing your own ideas, IN YOUR OWN NATURAL WAY. As long as I'm not an academic teacher what I'm offering is close contact with my students to inspire, correct when is really needed and create together what is really close to our soul. The most important goal during our path? To work and discover your strong points and avoid the bad ones trying to understand them, understand your root. I will follow you like I follow the artist that I produce. First rule: HAVING FUN, BECAUSE MUSIC IS FUN! The feeling that you have when your music is there and is playing for you and for the others will be amazing. I promise you. Thank you Pietro
Music composition · Computer generated music · Guitar
Trusted teacher: I am a graduate of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, with several years of experience as a teacher as well as a performer, and professional composer and arranger. I am passionate about music education and can offer tuition in guitar, music theory, songwriting and composition for all ages and abilities. In guitar lessons, I want to be able to give students the tools they need to be able to express themselves fluently on the instrument. We will work on technique and essential theory, but there will also be a big focus on playing songs and learning tunes, which I believe is essential to understanding the instrument. I am also able to offer lessons in music theory, from beginner level to advanced jazz and classical theory. If you need assistance preparing for an entrance exam or theory exam, or if you just want to expand your general knowledge, then I am able to help. Through the study and analysis of theory in the context of musical compositions, I am able to give you a solid understanding of how music works on a theoretical level, widening your understanding of music as a whole. If you want you expand your creative instincts, I can also offer composition and songwriting lessons. Whether you want to perform as a singer songwriter, arrange for big band, or write music for symphony orchestra, I can offer tuition which will give you the tools necessary to improve in these areas. I teach from home and I am also able to teach about Skype / Zoom. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!
Guitar · Music composition · Music theory
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Philip - Amsterdam$43
Trusted teacher: My name is Philip and I’m a guitarist with 18 years of experience playing Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop and Finger-style. I have worked internationally as a bandleader, accompanist and solo performer. Now, there's a lot of music teachers out there, but the vast majority of them take the same old approach to teaching. They'll teach you scales, theory, chords - you name it. But that's all just information, and information alone does not make a great musician. This is what sets me apart as a music teacher. Instead of taking the conventional "information-based" approach to teaching, I take a much more balanced and pragmatic approach. This means that in addition to learning all kinds of information, we will also be taking a deep dive into the PRINCIPLES which underpin that information. But even more importantly, we will be learning about the MIND, BRAIN and BODY - how they relate to music and how we can harness them so as to reach our highest musical potential. My approach is informed by years of research into areas such as neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and meditation. And as a university student of philosophy and psychology, I have written extensively in these areas. This background has allowed me to develop a truly holistic approach to music, one which promises not only faster improvement, but also greater musical EASE, ENJOYMENT and CREATIVITY. And it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an advanced player: you will experience the same incredible benefits either way! In fact, I have often found that advanced players benefit THE MOST from this approach. Now, I understand if you're a bit skeptical. But I can assure you: once you truly take up this approach to music, you WILL NEVER LOOK BACK! And anyway, what have you got to lose? All Apprentus classes have a money back guarantee. So, go ahead and book a lesson below and I look forward to meeting you! Philip
Jazz music · Guitar · Music theory
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Guitar Lessons and Holistic Musicianship (neuroscience, philosophy, meditation) - 18 years musical experience (Amsterdam)
I've had lessons before but chose Philip to try his wholistic approach. I really enjoyed learning about the neuroscience behind good tuition, and I've found my practice is going much better now. I would recommend this new approach to learning to anyone who is either a beginner or just maybe stuck in a rut like I was. It's the most beneficial learning I've had in a long time. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed with the results. Thanks Phil - I'm looking forward to continuing.
Review by SANDRA
international music teacher from London in Belgium (Brussels)
Adam has been giving piano lessons to my 4 year old son, introducing him to musical theory and the piano with fun and games, which have made it very enjoyable and interactive for him. I can see my son's interest in the piano growing and he looks forward to his lesson with Adam. I can recommed Adam to anyone wishing to find a good piano teacher for their children.
Review by ANDRES
Guitar and music theory classes. Online lessons also (Amsterdam)
Pedro is really experienced and flexible teacher with a big repertoir and a variety of music styles. We focused on jazz guitar and learned standard compositions. Pedro was able to find good examples and songs for what I needed to learn and adjusted them for our lessons. It certainly boosted my jazz guitar skills and getting started with improvising.
Review by JORDAN