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Asim - Pakistan$39
Entrepreneurship · Business plan · Business writing
Trusted teacher: In my opinion entrepreneurship is the highest step of personal leadership! - Do you dare to fail? What have you learned from your failure, or rather: learning moment? - Do you dare to look positively and critically at your own actions? Where is the strength of you as a person / entrepreneur? What can you outsource better? - How do I turn my idea into a company? - Who is my client? Which customer needs does my proposition provide? - How do I get customers? Keywords: Personal leadership, Dare to fail, Lean start-up, Business plan, Keep it simple stupid !, Doing business, Just Doing! Who am I? My name is Ben, 33 years old, and because of my red hair I was already 'different' from my classmates in primary school. Over the years I have experienced that thinking differently and acting differently is not always easy, partly because society, including the people in my immediate environment, feel that they have everything. Many people are unconsciously driven by (failure) anxiety and they exhibit risk-averse behavior. For example, my parents said well meaning: You now have such a good (and nice and safe) job: Why would you risk that? Many talk a lot about it, but never take concrete steps towards starting their own business. In the meantime I have experienced that I dare to make different choices than most people. That was and is sometimes exciting, but it brings me success in private and business terms! Many consecutive 'failure' moments have brought me to where I am now: a nice father who fulfills assignments 3 days a week as a Freelance Business Developer and Data / Business Analyst and launches new start-ups in the rest of the time.
Start-up business · Entrepreneurship · Business plan
Trusted teacher: Whether you are a young graduate from a high school wishing to launch your "start-up", or a ready-to-wear seller in a supermarket, planning to open your own shop or an administrative executive dreaming of becoming a hotelier, this training is for you! Contrary to the preconceived idea, that a business plan is only produced to seek financing from a banking institution, our trainer will teach you that the production of the business plan is the essential founding act, which will "engrave your project in stone", because as Walt Disney said in one of his quotes: "Action separates a dream from a project". It is in this state of mind, with an educational and factual approach, that our trainer will guide you step by step through the various steps necessary to transform your vision into a tangible entrepreneurial project. ° Business plan = synonym of business plan Topics covered Based on his experience, our trainer will introduce you to a method of building your business plan that is easy to implement, even for an audience allergic to writing and/or manipulation of figures. The topics that will be covered are: • How should my business plan be organized? - Explanation of my project and its advantages. - How much does it cost and what does it bring in? • What are the elements to study to understand my market? • How to understand the competition? • How do I structure my product and service offering to meet demand? • What communication should be put in place to publicize my products and services? • What are the financial documents to prepare, so as not to forget anything? Target audience For all those who wish, whatever their training: • create a business, regardless of its size and/or activity, • buy back a goodwill, an existing company, • structure a project in progress, in order to start with sound bases, • apply for a line of credit from a bank or financing organization.
Business plan · Start-up business · Entrepreneurship
Marketing · Start-up business · Entrepreneurship
MUSCLER SON CERVEAU ! On passe son temps à travailler, avoir une vie active à 100 % mais quand nous accordons nous du temps à développer nos habiletés mentales ? Se poser et identifier nos stratégies de performance conduit à en prendre conscience afin de mieux les appréhender. Maintenant que je sais, je peux ! Grâce aux techniques de la préparation mentale et de la psychologie du sportif, vous saurez sur quels leviers appuyer pour modifier, améliorer, amplifier vos habiletés mentales inhérentes à toute performance. Ne soyez plus jamais submergé par vos émotions … Vous comprendrez vos rythmes biologiques et de sommeil pour mieux les appréhender. Vous apprendrez des techniques et vous posséderez une boîte à outils pour rendre votre mental plus musclé. Développées dans un premier temps pour les sportifs de haut niveau, des personnes soumises à l’échec, l’anxiété, la fixation d’objectifs quotidiennement, ces techniques tendent à se démocratiser pour un tout à chacun. Qui n’a jamais rêvé se lever tous les matins du bon pied ? Qui n’a jamais voulu garder son sang-froid quel que soit l’enjeu ? Qui ne rêverait pas de rester focaliser sur l’exécution d’une tâche quel que soit les éléments perturbateurs, enfants, conjoints, patrons, salariés, public ? A vous de jouer et devenez sacrément musclé du cerveau. « La plus haute forme d’intelligence humaine est la capacité d’observer sans juger. » Jiddu KRISHNAMURTI Sébastien Préparateur mentale en psychologie du sportif Diplômé de la faculté du sport de Lille
Life coaching · Entrepreneurship · Psychology (for students)
Tutoring · Entrepreneurship · Chinese
Trusted teacher: Do you notice that the changes in the world are going faster and faster? Are you running behind the facts or would you prefer to choose yourself? Technology is gaining more and more influence. Will you let that all just happen to you? Of course not. Technology can also make your life easier. You must know how. Together we will discover how we can make your life more enjoyable, easier or more interesting by exploring your future. If you keep doing what you did, you keep the results you are used to. But if you want more or better or different, how are you going to achieve that? What do you achieve with it? - You are better prepared for the future - You can apply for a new job more easily - You can better understand the usefulness of certain subjects in your studies, which gives you more motivation - Your company responds better to new developments than your competitors - Everyone wants to talk to you at network meetings, because you have something interesting to say. Who is this suitable for? - You are still in school but you have doubts about study or work after school - You have been working for a while, but you feel that there is more to you than comes out now. You just don't know how to change that. - You haven't been working for a while, but you want to get back to work. How do you get a nice job that really suits you? - You get crazy about all beeps and notifications but only get stressed out of it. How do you arrange all that technology so that you benefit from it? - In your work you notice that little has changed in the last three years. Everything is exactly as it was then, while technology is racing past. How do you get your department or your company involved in innovation? How can you take advantage of everything that you can find online nowadays for almost nothing? As Commissioner of the Future, I have been helping people and companies for many years to better prepare for the rapidly changing world. My focus is on technology, on a human scale. So don't implement very large and complicated software systems or purchase all kinds of machines. No, it could be smarter. Because of this I work in different fields, I can let you learn from the discoveries of others. In addition, I read more than 50 books a year on various topics related to new technology, science, innovation and management. You benefit from it without having to read them all yourself.
Small business skills · Life coaching · Entrepreneurship
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CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH: Improve with Native English Speaker! (Abu Dhabi)
It was a productive lesson with Jay. Within 90 mins, we worked on improving my motivation letter for a job application. He helped me with my written language. After the discussion, I can express myself in a precise way. Besides, according to my grammatical errors, he gave me several pieces of advice for self-study. Thank you very much.
Review by ZITONG
Financial Statement Analysis - Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements for better decision making
What a great tutor. Explains everything very well and makes it simple to understand all the difficult finance concepts. Asim is very friendly, kind, and easy to talk to. Very professional and knowledgeable and I can also see his passion and dedication to teaching.
Review by LAURA
Dashboards / Reports / Analyzes with Excel (The Hague)
Ben is very good at explaining new concepts and is easy to understand. I also like that he allows me to choose the topics of focus and that I can practice with my real project!
Review by CLAIRE