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Kevin - Brussels$43
Trusted teacher: Regarding assignments and master's thesis, I exclusively help students write the methodology and produce empirical results (descriptive statistics, graphs, and regressions) using STATA as the statistical program. For econometrics courses, I help students to understand in a very simple way the theoretical models and their practical use (see below a list of courses). Between 2017 and 2021, I have given lessons to 92 students* with a success rate of 98.8%. In addition, I have helped 75 students from universities around the world* pass their master's thesis**. *ULB (Solvay Brussels School), HEC Lausanne, UCLouvain, KULeuven, Maastricht University, UGhent, Imperial College London, UMONS, University College London, VUB Brussels School of Governance, Trinity College (Dublin), HEC Liège, Eindhoven University, College of Europe, University of Kent, Université Paris-Val de Marne, Deakin University (Melbourne), Texas Tech University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. ** 6 students won the prize for the best Master's thesis. Econometrics courses ----------------------------------- Introduction to econometrics Applied econometrics Advanced applied econometrics Panel data and non-linear models Time series Causal inference in econometrics _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ I am a Ph.D. student in applied economics at the ULB and UMONS (Belgium). I hold a Master's degree in European Economic and Political Analysis from the Solvay Brussels School. Research articles: How Collective Bargaining Shapes Poverty: New Evidence for Developed Countries (2021). British Journal of Industrial Relations Moving Up the Social Ladder in Belgium? Wages of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants from Developing Countries (Forthcoming)
Economics for students · Economics for adults
Trusted teacher: 🚩Location: Both Leuven and Brussels (Zoom also possible) 🕛Time: very flexible, multiple days a week possible, as well as sessions of several hours *** 🚩Locatie: zowel in Leuven als Brussel (Zoom ook mogelijk) 🕛Tijd: zeer flexibel, meerdere dagen per week kan, als ook meerdere uren achter elkaar *** English *** Hi there 🙂! If you or your son/daughter is struggling with courses such as mathematics, statistics, or economics, I would be very happy to help. I have extensive experience in teaching both high-school and university students in these courses. How will we work 🤔? This depends on the student's needs, of course. In general, we will first take a step back to make certain we understand the structure of the course and the bigger picture, which is essential to be able to understand the details. We will then work through problems to really feel comfortable with the materials. Mostly, I want to make the learning as fun as possible! :) *** Nederlands *** Hallo 🙂! Als jij of je zoon/dochter last hebt met vakken als wiskunde, statistiek, of economie, wil ik je graag helpen. Zelf heb ik uitgebreide ervaring in les geven aan zowel studenten aan de universiteit als leerlingen in het middelbaar. Hoe gaan we het aanpakken 🤔? Dat hangt vooral af van de noden. Over het algemeen, zullen we er eerst voor zorgen dat we de structuur van de cursus en de grote lijnen begrijpen. Dit is nodig om niet verloren te lopen in de details en om te zien hoe verschillende onderwerpen gelinkt zijn. Pas wanneer we de concepten begrijpen, zullen we oefeningen maken om comfortabel te worden met de onderwerpen. Ik ga vooral proberen om het leren leuker te maken!
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Trusted teacher: Are you a student and have this anxiety about certain subjects? Do you feel that someone else speaks another language to you during the course? Are you overwhelmed by the quantity and speed of the teacher? Are you just not satisfied with your results? Are you a parent and do you feel helpless when facing your child's difficulties? Do not hesitate! I am Liza and I have been helping for over 7 years many students in math but also to relieve parents in the face of this feeling of helplessness in the face of their children's shortcomings. Math can scare some people. I myself went through a great deal of misunderstanding until I found the method and approach necessary to fully master this dreaded class of students. I offer private lessons to students with specific shortcomings, but also to those with more general needs. My classes are tailor-made for each student. I teach from the first primary to the retho. My method is simple and effective. As a school coach, my goal is above all to understand where the difficulties come from. Each student is different, so it is important to create an effective and tailor-made work methodology. Over the years, I have developed structured and fun keys for everyone. I learned about all the school programs in Namur, but also gained experience in other countries around the world. The purpose of the first meeting is to get to know the student and determine his current level of mathematics, what are his strengths and weaknesses, and what are the goals to be achieved. That is why, during the first session I do with the student a thorough work on the methodology to adopt to facilitate the understanding of the concepts and optimize their return. On the basis of this observation, I define with the pupil and his parents an educational strategy (notions to be reviewed as a priority, working method, duration and frequency of classes) designed to best meet the student's objectives. Then I adapt and base my course on the student program while customizing it according to the student and his needs. Even though theory is very often the least appreciated part, I make sure that my student understands its usefulness in different exercises and problems. To ensure good understanding, I organize exercise sessions and tests. The duration of the course is 2 hours. I always advise 2 hours because it's the perfect time to have the time to: - Identify and fill persistent gaps - Establish effective learning methods - Incorporate reasoning mechanisms - Learn how to restore your knowledge My students greatly appreciate the organization and the clarity of my explanations. Once followed and mastered, success is assured. With Liza it is a relief for parents and a success for children.
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Komal really helped me with my lessons, she adapted to my rhythm. I really needed a lot of help and thankfully she helped me and I passed my exam. She is a great tutor and would be a great teacher, I really recommend to have as your tutor. I am so thankful to have met her she is a wonderful person and very kind, I can’t thank her enough... thank you Komal.
Review by MHIA
Mathematics, chemistry and economics course in Brussels (graduated from Solvay) (Forest)
Soraya did a first lesson today to support a child in 3eme. We found her to be attentive and focussed. She turned up on time, which we appreciated. We look forward to the second lesson. Mark & Natalia
Private lessons in math - accounting - economics (Brussels)
Pierre has been very patient and will try different ways of explaining a topic/concept to make it easier for his student to understand it. Personally, he has been of great help to me. Thank you!