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Sheryar - Brussels$37
Trusted teacher: I am a native English speaker from USA and I specialize in teaching, exam preparation, instruction and text correction for several students and professionals residing in Belgium. With experience in 4 different cities across Europe and Asia, I take a multidimensional approach to my classes, tutoring and assisting with both Academic and Business English, to ensure that all my students are at ease during the lessons which results in faster improvements and undeniable results. The lessons cover various topics, mainly focusing on comprehension, reading techniques, writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, and day to day conversation along with accent training and basic language skills. My former clients include students from middle school, high school and college as well as professionals from various occupations. I have worked with them to improve their spoken and written English. I also tutor clients who want to improve their English at an academic level for exams such as the SAT, IELTs, EPSO and TOEFL. These include high school students, college students as well as professionals, ranging from engineers to young interns at the EU parliament. I assist with exam based preparation to achieve the desired results and my clients have not been disappointed so far. I have further proofread, edited, written and improved a large amount of essays, college applications, theses, personal statements, and assignments for various clients at an academic level. I like to make my lessons interesting, but at the same time, I make sure that they are as productive as possible. With a thorough understanding and experience of English grammar and literature, I further take care of ghost writing, proof reading and editing of academic and professional papers. Weekly and monthly rates are possible in this case. I have no issues meeting anywhere in Brussels, or at a location or town close to the city.
Proofreading · Writing · Business writing
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I am a college professor who teaches Political Science courses but I also possess a GA Level 5 TEFL Diploma. I have been teaching young adults (16+) for over 25 years. I would welcome the opportunity to help you improve your business language skills or simply work with you on your conversational English. As a published author, I have very strong writing skills and can help you improve your proposals, reports, or cover letters. I will happily work with you to devise a short or longer-term curriculum appropriate for the skills you need to develop. If you are interested in seeking employment or attending university in America, I will also expose you to culture, aiding in your transition! Our lessons will typically focus on developing your conversational language and idiomatic phrasing skills, however, I will also provide targeted tutoring on your grammar to ensure there are no gaps as you move to fluency. I will assist you in recognizing and reducing problematic errors in pronunciation (i.e. [/v/, /b/ and /w/] present among Germanic/Slavic language speakers, the [/ch/sh/ and 'dreaded' e-s/ e-d for native Spanish speakers, as well as the /z/ for native Asian-language speakers). For French speakers, putting the "h" where is belongs :) and working on those prepositions and articles! While I recognize the individuality and richness that YOUR L1 dialect brings to your adopted L2 of English, if there are aspects of your L1 dialect that you are self-conscious about when speaking English, I will help you develop techniques to reduce and potentially, eliminate them. I do use my own materials, but these materials are supplemented with podcasts, short videos, film recommendations, and other sources for current and timely events and popular culture. I do provide homework if you would like to have more opportunities to practice. I do not have the requisite training to work with children and I would recommend you select another tutor who specializes in working with small children if you are seeking a tutor to help your child. I have considerable flexibility in my schedule so please feel free to reach out to me and ask if a time is available if you do not see it on my schedule---I would be happy to book you in for a tutorial if that works for both of us!
English · Grammar · Business writing
Business writing · Tutoring · English
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Halu - Machida, Japan$29
Japanese · Culture · Business writing
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Asim - Pakistan$39
Entrepreneurship · Business plan · Business writing
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English with a Native Internationally Certified Teacher (Ixelles-Elsene)
It is never easy to find a good language teacher, who is professional, but also flexible enough to meet the student’s individual needs. Juliana is a fantastic teacher, whose experience, knowledge, understanding and patience creates the perfect atmosphere for improving one’s language skills at all levels. Juliana’s flexibility and adaptation to – the sometimes hectic - availability of students is also very rare and exemplary. Moreover, her extensive world-view/experience helps to maintain conversations with students in any particular subject. Having language courses with Juliana is highly recommended.
Review by LEVENTE
CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH: Improve with Native English Speaker! (Abu Dhabi)
It was a productive lesson with Jay. Within 90 mins, we worked on improving my motivation letter for a job application. He helped me with my written language. After the discussion, I can express myself in a precise way. Besides, according to my grammatical errors, he gave me several pieces of advice for self-study. Thank you very much.
Review by ZITONG
General and Academic English taught by a Native Speaker and Editor (Brussels)
I was lucky to find Sheryar, not only I felt comfortable with him right away, but I also find his assistance with my English grammar incredibly accessible. If you want to improve your grammar, edit your texts or just improve your ability with the language, I sincerely recommend him
Review by RAQUEL

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