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Trusted teacher: Le traitement de texte est sans doute l’application informatique la plus utilisée de la bureautique. Que vous soyez débutant ou déjà habitué à la saisie de documents, ce cours vous permettra de maîtriser les fondamentaux du traitement de texte, et de vous préparer à la certification TOSA Word. Vous allez également réaliser des documents présentés de manière professionnelle en leur appliquant une mise en forme et une mise en page et, enfin, aller plus loin en appliquant une méthodologie simple et efficace vous permettant d’augmenter votre productivité. Que ce soit avec le célèbre Word de Microsoft ou Google Docs , saisir et présenter vos documents n’aura jamais été aussi simple ! Généralement le cours permet à l'étudiant d'assimiler : * Création d'un fichier Microsoft Word, Saisir des données, Corriger des données ; * Les fonctionnalités de la barre d'Acceuil (Police, Titres, Formes, Styles, Paragraphes...) ; * Règles de mise en forme du texte ; * Insérez la table des matières (Sommaire) d'une manière automatique ; * Insérez la table des figures et des tableaux d'une manière automatique ; * Insérez la liste des sources (Bibliographie) d'une manière automatique ; * Gérer les saut de sections et les saut de pages ; * Gérer les entêtes et les pieds des pages. La composition du cours dépend du niveau de l'étudiant et ses propres objectifs. La première séance est une séance d'une heure d'évaluation qui permet le diagnostic du niveau et des besoins de l'étudiant. A partir de ce diagnostic nous établissons ensemble un programme que nous allons suivra durant notre cours.
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Trusted teacher: Excel is a powerful tool and used in almost every business. My lessons are for all levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced. STUDENTS AND PROFESSIONALS to all sectors: administration, accounting, purchasing, logistics, finance, engineering, HR, education... to all trades: executive assistant, salesperson, employee, supervisor, project manager, manager, entrepreneur, director... My lessons take place face-to-face or remotely on Zoom, all with a lot of lightness :) no loss of energy because we will directly approach theory and practice on the concepts that interest you. We will always favor the simplest method to remember to solve a problem. You will also find a detailed program below. My teaching philosophy can be summed up in 3 words: Discover, Understand, Remember. Many practical exercises are available, concrete and adapted to the learner's environment because repetition reinforces! My teaching asset is the clarity of explanation because I systematically use many examples as well as images or diagrams. The courses and concepts covered are always preceded by: "What is it for? Why do it? When to do it? Who can do it? and How to do it?" I insist on the "business" aspect of the learner and adapt to his needs with the possibility of working on the student's files. I attach extreme importance to the visual rendering because I think that what differentiates: the "good" result and the "best" result... it's the detail! Color consistency and intuitiveness. Precise, clear and refined data like Alaska! The sessions will always include various time-saving tips (shortcuts, methods and others). We focus on the strengths of Excel that will really serve in the field. The 3 objectives for the learner are: self-confidence, fluidity, total autonomy. The lessons are optimized because the explanatory notes and the follow-up of each lesson are entered directly by myself under the eyes of the student. Thus, the learner remains focused and the risk of errors in note taking will be eliminated. Build a program tailored to the student My teaching experience and my sociability will naturally accompany each session.
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I contacted Amin to help me with data analytics using R studio. Amin was very accommodating and quick to reply. Thanks to his flexibility we were able to fix a time and date easily. He is a thorough and highly knowledgeable tutor. He took careful measures in helping me grasp statistical concepts that I had forgotten. I have learned a lot even after one lesson! With clear explanations and a friendly approach, I can wholeheartedly recommend him
Review by SARAH
Learn how to use Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word at work and at home.
Excellent teacher! Irina is professional as a teacher and also a very nice person. I am a beginner excel user and I needed to improve my skills for work. Irina has helped me a lot very fast and efficiently explaining clearly every detail and using clear examples. I highly recommend choosing Irina, it is a pleasure being her student.
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The first lesson was nice and I appreciate a lot the way Youness manage the lesson I highly recommend him for the patience and the calm... A very nice and postive moment
Review by CHANTAL