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Recently Posted Private Classes

German and English tutoring, test/ homework preparation
During my classes I will provide help with pronunciation, speaking, reading and writing as well as vocabulary and general conversation. I will be able to give advice for tests, help with homework or presentations. The lessons will be held in a nice and friendly way, so that learning does not feel like hard work at all!

Learn the basics of drawing with an experienced teacher. -'.,
You learn the basics of drawing. * Single lesson: Choose from: - Portrait drawing. Learn the basics in a lesson, anatomy of the face and shading. -Line perspective. Learn how to suggest depth in a drawing using line perspective. * 5 or 10 teaching moments. We take the basis of drawing, we look at portrait drawing, drawing people and animals and line perspective and composite, among other things, you can also get acquainted with different materials. The lessons are intended for the absolute beginner, but also for those who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge. Fun in drawing is paramount!

Basics of drawing and painting lessons from beginners to experts.
Hello, I am Marcela Perrusquia a multidisciplinary artist with BA in Visual Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Queretaro, Mexico. I have also done an exchange of 6 months to learn about sophisticated art methods at the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Granada, Spain. Additionally, to deepen my skills, I took two courses on drawing and painting at Crea, Amsterdam. In this course I will teach the basis of drawing and painting. Regarding drawing, I will teach the principles of sketching, moving forward to the specifics of light and shadow. During the drawing classes, you will also learn about different techniques, such as pastels, charcoal, and graphite. With respect to painting, you will learn about theory of colour, how to design a colour palette, and how to apply it. Next, you will learn about the specificities of materials, such as acrylics, watercolour and oils. You will then be able to experiment with these materials, and at the end create your own artwork based on your preferences.

Experienced pianist gives piano lessons for all ages
My name is Nikolina (Nika) and I have 14 years long experience in classical music. I studied piano for 10 years, and solo singing for 4 years. I have attended many piano masterclasses and won several awards in international competitions in Croatia. I give piano lessons at your home, to all ages, with a preference for English communication. A pre-requisite: having a piano or synthesizer at home. Have you never played the piano? Don't worry! I am very happy to teach people from scratch and tailor lessons to each individual needs. If you want to learn or improve your piano skills, do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Italian tutoring lessons for beginners from a native
Are you planning to travel to Italy anytime soon? Do you want to learn the language of music? Then I am who you're looking for. I'll try to give you the most Italian experience during the lesson, making it interesting enough. I'm a native Italian, lived in Rome for almost 15 years, experiencing in the heart of Italy. Despite my young age and my lack of experience I hope to own your trust :)

Learn to speak, read and write better in French
Do you finally want to speak a little better French during your holiday in France? Do you want to make sevens and eights out of your five and six at school? Focused on your goal, we get to work together by talking about topics of your choice, reading the newspaper together or writing a text. I help you with your homework and prepare your test at school.

Five-star, Fun Piano Lessons in English or Spanish (for Children or Adults)
This class is perfect if you are a beginner or intermediate piano player, or have never played but are interested in starting. The class is centered around the students needs, whether it is to prepare for a piano exam or learn to play popular songs. I teach in a fun and relaxed way which will make you or your child excited about this instrument. My qualification is the Royal School of Music ABRSM highest exam level, having achieved Grade 8.

spanish english and mathematics lessons for anyone
Spanish lessons are tutorials designed to help individuals learn the Spanish language. These lessons may cover various topics such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, and speaking, and may be taught in a structured or conversational manner. The goal of Spanish lessons is to help students become fluent in Spanish and be able to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking individuals. Spanish lessons may be offered online, or in one-on-one sessions with a tutor. English lessons are classes designed to help individuals learn and improve their English language skills. These lessons can cover a range of topics, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, and speaking. They are aimed at individuals of different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The goal of English lessons is to help students communicate effectively in English, both in personal and professional settings. I am offering math lessons to primary and secondary students, covering a range of topics including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. I aim to make the subject accessible and engaging, using real-world examples and interactive activities to help students understand complex concepts. Whether you are looking to improve your grades, prepare for exams, or simply build your confidence in math, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Classical Double Bass lessons with Eudald Ribas Padrosa.
The double bass is one of the most complete instruments on the orchestral scene. Getting to a good level can be difficult but with my help and experience I am sure you will go far. I am a graduate of a master's degree in The Hague with the best teachers and with a lot of orchestra experiencie playing with profesional orchestras all around the Nethelands, Germany and Spain. I also have experience teaching people of all ages and levels. Hope to see you soon!

Amsterdam Conservatory Graduate offers Guitar Lessons for all levels
!!LOOKING FOR NEW GUITAR HEROES!!! "As one of the most popular and accessible instruments in today's musical landscape, the guitar spans a wide range of genres and its incredible sonic possibilities have made it a key instrument over the past 60 years. ." Eh?! What?!! Let's stop the blabla... Guitar is killing! Everyone loves it (that's probably why you're here) and I'm guessing you're like "How can I learn some of this crazy guitar stuff without selling one of my kidneys to some creepy guy on Youtube". Well... I'm not offering you the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, sprinkled with angel dust and full of groupies languidly waiting for you backstage, but I can at least offer you an organized guitar lesson based on a comprehensive approach to the instrument, targeted to your musical aspirations... In other words: what YOU like! I sincerely believe that the most effective way to learn music is to delve into what you love and explore it with passion and dedication. We will always start from the songs you like, step by step, following your workflow. My goal is simply to give you the best tips and tricks so that you can enjoy playing the songs you love or, if you wish, organize your guitar practice in the most efficient way. MOST IMPORTANT: I love to jam so be prepare to play some music :-). Together we will tackle various topics, we can also focus on: - Learn a song and be able to do it by yourself later. - Explore different musical styles: Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz... - Guitar techniques using scales, triads and arpeggios. - Understand harmony and how to build chords. - Use your ear as a tool to find new ideas. - Being able to provide a nice and steady groove by studying rhythmic figures. - Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of improvisation. - Develop your intuition and your creativity as an improviser and apply it to the material you already know. !!!Only for the brave: we could also do a little music theory -> If you want!!! For more than 10 years now, I have been teaching students of different ages and levels, all very satisfied with the lessons. We could also do it online if that is more convenient for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Vocal Teacher with experience in teaching and performing opera/classical music.
Did you ever listen on youtube/live/instagram a classical song and you wondered how some people can sing like that? Did you ever think about the fact that you could one day sing an Aria or reach those high notes? You will never know about the talent that is hidden inside of you unless you try to do some vocal lessons from a diploma gradute in Classical singing/Opera. It is never late to start doing what you love and pick up a new, intresting and very special hobby as singing. Together we are gonna have fun doing vocal warming ups, solfege, sing pieces of operas or songs of your selection and enjoy our time doing some music!

Cello lesson for all ages and levels (also by Skype)
Hello everyone, I'm Enrico Albanese and I come from Italy. Right now I am in Utrecht where I am doing a master's degree in cello under the guidance of Timora Rosler. During my years of studies I always had the possibility to teach music, in fact while I was doing my Bachelor in Italy at the Conservatory of Turin, I taught cello and music theory in a private music school called "Isla de Musiqueros", in this school I had the opportunity to teach people of all ages, including children under 4 years old. When I moved to the Netherlands little by little I started to find students and many many concerts. I believe that playing is the best way to have fun and express your emotions, the work I want to do is work on tensions and try to help you melt away while playing, in this way you can have more sound and feel more free. Technique is also very important in the everyday life of a musician, together we can see the best exercises for you, to help you improve and have more confidence with the instrument.

Chinese Language and Culture-Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading
Hi, 你好! I am Zhou, graduated cum laude at a first-rate Chinese university in Journalism and Communication, currently pursuing postgraduate studies at the Univerisity of Amsterdam. As a humanities grad student and a Chinese native, I am well equipped with the sophisticated vocabularies and critical thinking required to present the cultural nuances in the Chinese language. I already have over 400 hours of tutoring experience here in Amsterdam for dutch learners ranging from beginners to advanced. Amazing improvements have been witnessed:) From pronunciation to conversation making, from listening ability to in-depth cultural understanding, you name it. Unlike most institutions, I work no only with standard textbooks but also with thoughtfully curated contemporary Chinese content. So absolutely no need hesitating to contact me XD. Look forward to embarking on the learning journey with you! Best, Zhou

Private lessons and guidance in writing master's thesis Spanish
Hello, my name is Vanessa and I was born and raised in Colombia! I have been living and working in Amsterdam since 2022. In Colombia I worked as a lawyer. I offer personal guidance in preparing a Spanish thesis or case study. As well as offering private Spanish lessons for all levels and ages. Private, group, online, home and business lessons are possible. I provide interactive lessons, with a personal approach. My intention is to encourage, motivate and support the student. Each lesson should be challenging, rewarding and fun, because the best way to learn is with a smile on your face. Hello Vanessa ;)

English courses /students/ adults/ specific purposes (Business, Travel, Hospitality, ...)
A warm welcome to my English course. If you wish to learn the English language, whether for school, college, workplace, traveling, business, or daily life, I am here to help you. Having worked with adults, children, and company employees in various settings, I have infectious energy levels and a unique ability to be in tune with the minds of my language learners. I emphasize learning through speaking and conversing, making my classes as attractive as possible since I believe practice is the secret to learning a language and improving your knowledge. I always structure my classes based on the learner's need and around real-life themes; how to introduce yourself, make an appointment, go to the doctor, travel, talk at the workplace, shop, etc..., As an ESP ( English for Specific Purposes) experienced teacher, I can teach you business English, tourism, travel, and hospitality English. It means I use a different teaching strategy than general English designed for specific situations. I look forward to designing a class that helps you achieve your goals.

Classical Oboe private Lessons starting 9 years old
Music is a powerful tool to develop logical skills, mental resilience and sensibility, especially starting at a young age. The oboe is a wind instrument that allows one to finally perform in different types of ensembles. From orchestras to a soloist career, the oboe is a pristine instrument. It doesn't mean that you must aspire to become a professional to study with me. I will tailor the lesson according to my student's needs and work towards a goal that we commonly agree on. The most important thing is to enjoy making music and that we learn a lot from each other during the process.

Manu Franziska
Violin lessons Amersfoort / Violin lessons Amersfoort / Geigenunterricht Amersfoort
I give violin lessons at home in Amersfoort. My background and sources of inspiration are in the baroque and folk world, and combining singing and playing. During class I like to play together a lot. Through certain physical exercises, we give attention that you feel comfortable while playing. Of course there is also room for your own ideas and creativity.

Piano and music theory/harmony/history/morphology lessons for beginners/advanced
I am a Greek 24-year-old Master student at Leiden University. I completed my bachelor in Physics in Thessaloniki while simultaneously obtaining my piano diploma the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. I am very passionate about music and I would like to help people obtain a skill and through that see music through a different prism , analytically.

Viola and Violin lessons for Beginners | Viola lessons for Intermediates in Amsterdam
Hello! I am a Portuguese student in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and I play the viola since I am 7. Playing an instrument and reading music can be challenging for a beginner but everything is possible with work and fun! In these lessons, you’ll be able to learn not only the basics of viola/violin playing and to read music, but how to make music and enjoy it! Of course, if you have already experience, let’s work and reach the next level!

Sentence Analysis Dutch Language General First Lesson
It is important in communicating with others to clearly apply the rules in our language, with the aim of understanding each other. is going to be We already find common mistakes in the verbs; confusion with, for example, you and your, you and your, me and mine. But concepts such as them and their, that and that, if and then are often used interchangeably. Yesterday I bought a loaf of bread at the bakery. Yesterday = adverbial modifier of time bought = verb I = subject a loaf of bread = direct object at the bakery = adverbial determination of place

Native speaker and teacher specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners.
I am Lucia and I come from Catania, Italy. I am a native speaker and I studied literature in Italy and then specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners. Three years ago I moved to Groningen where I currently live. I have taught for several years in Italy and the Netherlands. I am friendly, professional and patient!