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Recently Posted Private Classes

Portuguese lessons for beginners, or intermediate students by a native Portuguese teacher
If you are looking to start to learn Portuguese, whether it is because you are just curious or it is because of work or even a trip to Portugal or another Portuguese speaking country, you can learn from a native Portuguese speaker from Portugal. It will be a fun and productive environment where we will work on basic vocabulary and pronunciation.

SPAANS LEREN! Native spanish speaker teacher with certification by Instituto Cervantes and more than 8 years of experience in teaching
I am Laura , a Spanish woman living in The Hague. I have been teaching and helping high school students with their homework and study methods since 2014 as a private tutor. I have experience as a language teacher in different schools in Madrid (extracurricular activities) for children between 3 and 10 years old. I work as a Spanish teacher since 2019 in various countries, helping numerous students to improve their speaking, listening and writing skills. I studied Nutrition and Dietetics (4 years bachelor)at Complutense University of Madrid and Linguistics in Leiden University. Depending on the goal, the learning or lesson method is different. Normally, the first day I meet the student and we talk about what he or she expects and the topics we need to pay more attention. From that, I organise and structure a learning plan for reaching the desired goals (listening, speaking, writing, etc) or level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Piano lessons for all ages, for beginners and advanced students
The piano is one of the most universal instruments. As a piano player you can be your own orchestra and play as a soloist, but you can also make beautiful music or accompany ensembles, in any musical style. In my lessons I want to offer the student a broad foundation on the piano: learn to read notes, play and interpret existing pieces of music learn to listen carefully, play it by ear and after a while learn to make your own piano part playing with chord progressions, gaining insight into harmony and chord theory learn to improvise and come up with your own pieces teamwork, because this way you learn to listen even better My own roots lie in classical music, which provides a good technical basis for the instrument. Ever since I was a student, I have enjoyed making music the most when you discover various music genres (such as classical, jazz, pop, world music) for yourself. This way you learn to connect these different musical worlds. As a teacher, I want to pass on all these possibilities to the student, so that after playing the piano for a while, he/she can determine his/her own path.

Drums/Latin Percussion. Learn how to master your instrument to play rhythms like: Rock, Jazz, Pop and Latin Music on drums and/or percussion
Hello I am dedicated to helping you explore the rhythmic world of drums and/or Latin percussion. With a background in music education and performance, I aim to provide structured yet engaging lessons tailored to your needs and aspirations. Teaching Approach: My teaching philosophy focuses on cultivating technical proficiency, musical expression, and a deep appreciation for rhythm. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, I offer personalized instruction to help you achieve your musical goals. Specialization and Uniqueness: Specializing in drums and Latin percussion, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our lessons. From foundational techniques to advanced rhythms, we'll explore a diverse range of musical genres and styles. Getting Started: To begin your musical journey, simply reach out to schedule your first lesson. I offer both in-person and online sessions, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Instrument Requirements: If you don't have your own instruments, I can offer guidance to reach your goals with the resources in our hands. For online lessons, a reliable internet connection and a passion for percussion are all you need. Experience as a Performer: As a seasoned performer, I've graced stages worldwide, bringing real-world insight and energy to our lessons. My performance experience enriches our learning process, offering practical knowledge and inspiration. My Professional Background: I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Music with a major in Percussion Teaching and Performance Summa Cum Laude from Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in World Music Percussion at Codarts Rotterdam - University of the Arts, I am committed to continuous learning and growth as both a musician and educator. Ready to embark on a rhythmic adventure? Schedule your first lesson and let's make some music together!

The singing lesson that suits you! Also music theory and songwriting
Singing is extremely important to everyone! It is an outlet and relaxer and you can put all your feelings into it. I have also noticed that children and adults who are insecure benefit enormously from taking singing lessons! I look at each person as an individual in my lessons, so I also individually consider which exercises suit you. I can also teach you if you are interested in music theory and / or songwriting (reading notes, etc.). I can tell you so much more because I am so enthusiastic about this, but I prefer to do this when we meet. Because of course I am also curious about you! Hope to see you soon!

High school/IB maths, science and languages: Take your pick
I recently graduated with the International Baccalaureate (IB) and am able to provide support with Math, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. I am also able to speak, read and write in four languages: English, Czech, German and Spanish. I am able to help with speaking, writing and reading comprehensions.

Viola (violin) lessons for all ages and levels in English and Russian
Hi everyone! I am a viola player from Belarus. I completeness my bachelor degree at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague and currently doing my masters in HKU Utrechts Conservatorium. As well as playing viola, I have a lot of knowledge about music theory, as it was accompanying me through my entire career. I would be very happy to share my knowledge with music enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Let’s create music together!

Percussion and Embodied Music: Patempa: Build Your Musical Body
My teaching is based on my experience as a percussionist, dance accompanist, teacher, composer, producer and as a designer of percussion instruments. My life is percussion: I play it, I teach it, I design percussion and I develop techniques for it. Instruments: Cajon with hands or brushes, conga, Pandeiro, tamborim, agogo, chekere, udu, pop percussion and way more. I am looking forward to meet you. Rodrigo Cordeiro, Master Percussionist: 'From the first class, I understood that Bart would not be just another music teacher, but so much more, and a life mentor. Music is a complement of the man, and that was clear from the start, this experience gave me value as a person, and that translated into my music. The vast knowledge of many styles, instruments and great experience allows Bart to transparently, correctly and simply pass his message to his students, working with them to draw their own path and understand how to reach their objective, in a way which you are always looking forward to the next lesson.'

Trombone, Trumpet, Piano (for beginners) and Music Theory
The trombone, trumpet or piano seem hard instruments to learn, but with the right approach it's a fun and enjoyable process filled with small tasks that will make you improve and have fun at the same time. The same goes with music theory and composition; the classes are structured in a way that you wont feel overwhelmed with too much information because the goals and method will be set based on your level and needs. All offered classes are available for students of every age and level, the only thing you need is to make the first step by signing in and we will make a plan together after we have met.

Vocal Training (Jazz / K-pop / Pop / Theater / Vocology )
- LINA LEE / Jazz Vocalist/ Composer / Musical Actress / Pop vocal trainer / The voice is our greatest means of expressing ourselves. I have been teaching people as a vocal trainer for over 10 years. The most important thing in my class is discovering ‘your own unique voice.’ The focus is on understanding your body, discovering your own unique voice, and using it freely. Recognize the information contained in your own voice and work together to find out what you want to express through your voice. It could be jazz/improvisation, a theater song or a pop song. The goal is to be able to sing with your own voice without any genre restrictions. Be yourself! Let me help you! Insta : lina.poetic.jazz Homepage:

French classes for any level or age from a native speaker with a degree in languages
I am a French native speaker born and raised in Paris and now live in Amsterdam. I have a Master's degree in languages as well as in Law, I also work as a translator. I'm passionate about language learning and love to teach. Having learned three languages I am well acquainted with the difficulties one meets as a student and how to overcome them while maintaining enthusiasm and enjoyment in learning. I would be happy to answer to any questions you may have, do not hesitate to contact me!

Personalized & authentic Indian yoga, breathing and meditation
Classes are aimed to provide a warm and inclusive space for students to delve into their physical and mental well-being. With careful attention to individual needs, a supportive atmosphere is created in every class. Through a variety of poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation techniques, I'll help you strengthen your body, increase flexibility, and find inner peace, empowering you to reach your fullest potential on and off the mat. In my classes, students will learn: Proper alignment and technique in various yoga poses Mindful breathing techniques to enhance relaxation and focus Meditation practices to cultivate inner peace and mental clarity Strategies for managing stress and promoting overall well-being Led by an experienced Indian instructor, you'll have the opportunity to learn authentic yoga practices rooted in tradition and wisdom.

Drawing classes for beginners or intermediate in Rotterdam
A Romanian born artist, who finished architecture high school and now studies Spatial Design at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam. I offer these art classes for anyone who is passionate about art and learning the techniques of creating art. In the classes you will learn how to draw composition of objects, painting, perspective, interior design, but also multimedia.

Efficient Drum Lessons for All Levels and All Age Groups
This course is created for people of any age who want to learn how to play the drums. It doesn't matter if you have no experience or if you are already a skilled drummer, this class has a complete program that teaches everything from the basics to more advanced rhythms. Students will be able to learn and practice in a positive and motivating atmosphere, with individualized instruction based on their level of skill. By the end of the class, students will have a strong understanding of drumming and the ability to perform at different levels.

Capoeira lessons for children in Amsterdam South (De Pijp)
Capoeira is a martial art with elements such as acrobatics, music and games. It is a fun and challenging sport for every child. It helps develop motor skills, strength, flexibility, social skills and much more. You can always take a trial lesson with us.

Learn how to play the violin, enjoy playing music:)
I am finishing studying at the conservatory in Utrecht classical violin. I already have a teaching certificate after finishing suzuki course level 1. this class is for you if you want to: learn how to play the violin understand music better learn how to practice have fun playing music develop your skills keep yourself challenged The lessons can be in English dutch or polish. (I am still learning dutch so I might forget some words)

Play and Experiment through Art — lessons for children and teenagers
Artistic experimentation is an integral part of exploring oneself and the surrounding environment. This programme has been carefully curated alongside young artists over the course of six years and integrates different forms of visual expression such as : sculpture, installation, performance, drawing, painting and many more. We explore unexpected parallels in art history and visual techniques, building up a wide range of artistic references and technical knowledge in a playful environment in order to explore the sensitivity of our own bodies, thoughts and the world around us. Although the programme is compiled both with genre, technique and art history in mind, there is always space for adaptation according to the preferences and visual tastes of the student.

Learn Spanish from a native teacher from your house
Hi! I am spanish, from Madrid, I am engineer and I have been giving private classes of many subjects since I was 18, so I am very used to many kind of students, to their needs and capacities, and using different resources. If you are interested in taking spanish classes and you live in Rotterdam, write me!

Conversational English for personal or professional development
Do you communicate with clients, colleagues, or people close to you in English? Do you want to? Are you interested in integrating your personal, professional, and academic experiences into natural English expression? Ready to share insights and practical applications from your experiences in support of your goals? If you've answered yes to some or all of this set of slick marketing-style questions, please read on!;) I'm a TEFL-certified native English speaker with experience and passion for support learners of all ages and levels to speak more fluently and express themselves more deeply in service of diverse goals. My approach to language learning begins with asking coaching questions and getting to know each other so that I can tailor the feedback, learning materials, and lesson plans to your abilities and needs. Analyzing this information will help us to set your initial goals and discuss how techniques for cognizant learning as well as for deliberate language practice and performance help create a sustainable environment where your independence and self-actualization may flourish. I believe that language learning starts with building on personal capabilities and innovating through conversation comes much easier on common ground. Through the methods and techniques I will share with you, I have acquired fluency in both Spanish and Dutch so I can understand, translate, and provide instruction in these languages to support your English learning. As a current student in the B.A. English Language & Culture degree program at Leiden University, I am learning a great deal more about grammatical forms, linguistic elements, figures of speech, and how to facilitate effective communication in English. My specific area of focus is education, particularly through language acquisition research and methodologies, such as dialogue and conceptual reasoning in English as a Lingua Franca. I have earned certificates in Teaching English as a Foreign Language(320hr) and Hatha Yoga & Meditation Instruction(200hr) in addition to A-level Rhetoric, Literature, Logic, and Public Speaking courses in the Honors College while earning my business school degrees(B.Sc). These experiences have helped me to recognize the enormous importance of individual learning in combination with group work/training and feedback to improve one's practice and performance. I will immediately share appropriate and useful resources as well as feedback for your learning and practice. I can create interactive content during/after training sessions (audio, visual, literary) as requested to give you a competitive advantage beyond the context of the lessons for your own self-study as well. Please contact me for more detailed descriptions of training sessions, levels, or anything else related to the lessons I have on Apprentus (including Hatha Yoga & Meditation)! I’m very grateful to pursue this life path and share in the creation of cooperative practice and learning environments with fellow students.

Nico Stapel
(Flamenco) Guitarlessons. Flamenco, Blues, (Psychedlic)Rock
Hey there! I'am Nico. I am 21 years old and I play flamenco guitar. I have learned flamenco from different teachers. I started learning from youtube but I continued studying with Johan (De Regahs) in The Hague, and with Mario in Spain. If you have always wanted to learn flamenco feel free to contact me! The lessons can be given in English, Nederland y Español.

Dutch. Native Dutch Tutor - For All Levels - Interactive and fun classes
I've been teaching for several years, starting with teaching physical education and after some time stood in front of the class teaching students Dutch and history. The first time we meet we'll be discussing your needs so I'll be able to make a plan that suits your desires. The classes will be interactive and relevant! My aim is to make ideas clear by giving examples and repetition. Im a very enthusiastic, open minded person who loves to interact with people and teach them the lovely Dutch language. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)