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Eamonn - Etterbeek42€
Trusted teacher: Trained at the Music Academy International, I propose private lessons of Guitar, Singing, and/or Audio Production centered on amplified music (funk, soul, jazz, rock, blues, etc.) and adapted to the requests of each student. My classes are open to all, children and adults, beginners or advanced. I attach great importance to the understanding of the technical tools implemented in the interpretation of the pieces, a typical lesson is therefore divided between technical work with clear explanations and actual practice on songs to play or sing. If the student is interested, I also teach the more theoretical aspects of music, such as harmony (scales, chords, modes, improvisation), music theory, rhythm, ear training, and deciphering. I also offer coaching sessions. These are non-regular sessions to target work on specific aspects of the requested repertoire. Each lesson is accompanied by work material (paper or audio) to practice at home. For guitar lessons, an instrument can be made available, for singing lessons, I accompany the student on the piano or the guitar (it is also possible to use backing tracks when the key and tempo are right ) and for audio production, I can provide the software required to start on any operating system (Win, Mac, and Linux) (I don't work with pirated software). Classes are given in my studio in Etterbeek, 5-minute walk from La Chasse. I also teach group lessons for singing, do not hesitate to contact me for more information. Flexible schedule (daytime or evening).
Guitar · Singing · Audio production
Trusted teacher: Folk or classical acoustic guitar. The teaching philosophy is adapted to the level of each individual, according to the pace of work and motivation. For example, for beginners: Technique of the plectrum or fingers, coordination and correction of the right and left hand. Learning basic chords, simple themes, simple rhythms, reading tablatures (…). For intermediaries: development of rhythm, construction of chords, writing of tablatures, basic notions of harmony (…). Depending on your goals, you can learn, if you wish, to play 60 to 80% of current music from the first lessons, which often use the same chords and the same techniques. The objectives take into consideration the following points: -Study of various playing techniques, chords, harmony, music of your choice, rhythm, with reading of tablature, teaching structured around the repertoire you like, technique of developing the musical ear - Discovery of the neck, notes and basic positions of open chords - Left / right hand coordination and rhythm exercises for the right hand - Learning of different pieces of your choice - Left hand control exercises, speed and precision - Learning arpeggios - Work around muscle memory - Learning improvisation, musical play with others - Ear training: use your ears to find chords, melodies, sounds and techniques used -Spend a pleasant moment of exchange, without unnecessary institutional pressure, while obtaining concrete results -Understand and discover the many facets of an exciting and user-friendly instrument - Benefit from personalized advice on your posture and certain pitfalls to avoid when starting alone -Adjust and clarify your self-taught knowledge - Learn tablatures / tabs & in English. Note : - Possibility to use the guitar available on site, during the test phase. - As our teacher is also a singing teacher, it is possible to combine the two disciplines: guitar + vocal instrument, and to work on synchronization, style and accuracy. - Possibility of offering this course (birthday, party, Christmas, event ...) to the person of your choice. THE TEACHER : Trained in Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League university in the United States, our teacher has specialized and has worked for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, with careful pedagogy and methodology as the watchwords. PLACES : - Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Friborg-Neuchâtel-Montreux-Bâle-Sion-Sierre-Morges-Bienne. But currently, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they have the advantages of direct (example: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time), with additional advantages (ex: of notes on the chat, which can be reread afterwards). In this context, these videoconference sessions for which you have requested me, seem to arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). At your request, I therefore continue to offer them.
Guitar · Sound (music)
Trusted teacher: Hello, my name is Javier. I am a guitarist, composer, sound technician and music producer. I work professionally, especially in contemporary Jazz. Don't hesitate to look for me on Google, Spotify and YouTube! During more than 15 years of experience as a teacher, I have developed several methods and exercises for teaching guitar and music (songs, theory, composition, improvisation, harmony, etc.) for students of all levels and all ages. I have already had students from 6 years old to 74. I believe that the most important thing is that the students manage to find the motivation to practice regularly with the pleasure of progressing. //METHOD// The most common is the use of songs that the student chooses and take advantage of this to work on more general concepts of music and the guitar which are important to acquire a solid base without bad habits. For more advanced students the learning process is determined together by setting personal goals. The teaching method is totally focused on the individual needs of each student. Students with any level of knowledge in music (self-taught, beginners, advanced ...) are accepted. //INTERVIEW// 01 - Since when did you develop a passion for music and more particularly for your favourite instrument? - I became interested in the guitar at the age of ten. I had a friend who played "Blackbird" music by The Beatles and I was fascinated. From there, I started to study and I continue to learn today. 02 - What music can you listen to on repeat with the same pleasure (and without going crazy)? - Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. 03 - Tell us about the most difficult or amazing lesson you have given! - It would be a class where I have to explain the major and minor tonality and all its variants in one hour of class. But I will get there! 04 - In your opinion, what is the most complicated instrument to master and why? - It was impossible to answer. Each person has different predispositions. For me to play the piano at a high level would be complicated for the need for independence of the right and left hands. In this sense, the guitar is easier. 05 - What are, for you, the keys to success (apart from those of Sol and Fa)? - CONSTANCE, it's always better to practice a little every day than a lot once in a while. PATIENCE, learning an instrument takes time. You have to learn to coordinate the body and the brain and take new paths from time to time. And the most important : DON'T BE AFRAID OF MAKING MISTAKES, to learn it is essential to make mistakes and this should not be a reason to stop practising, on the contrary, it should be a motivation to improve. 06 - Name 3 musicians with whom you would dream of jamming in a bar at 2 a.m. and tell us why! - Tigran Hamasyan, Reinier Baas, Avishai Cohen (bassist) 07 - An anecdote to tell in relation to your job or your schooling (and not necessarily the party you had after entering the Conservatory)? - When I started giving lessons (I was 17), I had a 10-year-old student, when I suggested things to do, he looked me directly in the eye and said: No! But with patience, after a while, I managed to make a connection with him and at the end of the 3 years he played the guitar very well and we became friends. Now he is more or less 25 years old. 08 - What is the little touch that makes you a special teacher adored by all his students? - I am very patient and I always find the best way to explain for each student.
Guitar · Jazz music · Music theory
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international music teacher from London in Belgium (Brussels)
Adam has been giving piano lessons to my 4 year old son, introducing him to musical theory and the piano with fun and games, which have made it very enjoyable and interactive for him. I can see my son's interest in the piano growing and he looks forward to his lesson with Adam. I can recommed Adam to anyone wishing to find a good piano teacher for their children.
Review by ANDRES
Electric and Acoustic guitar lessons in Belgium with Ignazio (Sint-Agatha-Berchem)
Ignazio is a patient and friendly teacher who's clearly passionate about playing the guitar and sharing his craft with others. The classes are structured and clear. You'll get the right information and the techniques are corrected from the beginning, so you won't need to unlearn some things later.
Review by NINA
Guitar and singing lessons in Brussels with a professional singer-songwriter/producer (En/Fr) (Etterbeek)
Eamonn has a great approach to teaching. A mixture of theory and practice tailored to the student. Even from the first lesson I felt that I had progressed in exactly the way I needed, and will continue with more lessons. Great stuff!
Review by SAZ