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Recently Posted Private Classes

Leer Islamitische smeekbedes en omgangsmanieren zoals de profeet vzmh
Als coach begeleid ik je graag in je journey om over het geloof te leren en help ik jou graag met het leren van gebed verrichten, juiste smeekbedes bij de daden en nog veel meer zowel in het Arabisch als in het Nederlands. Ik werk aan de hand van oefeningen, tips en praktijk. De cursus is geschikt voor volwassenen die zich willen ontwikkelen of interesse hebben in het geloof. De cursus gaat op mijn locatie door maar ook op afstand. Contacteer voor meer info. Tot dan! Hajar

How to DJ and produce your own music - The use of Serato/Ableton
Djing is a form of live performance that that can be enjoyed by everyone, this class aims to teach the basic DJ fundamentals including beat matching, sampling, the use of filters and many more. The lessons will be held by a Newcastle University Music student who specialises in turntabalism and popular music consumption. The class is open to students of all ability, I look forward to helping you on your DJ journey!

Experienced Chinese Tutor: Mandarin Class for Children and Adults in Geneva and Annemasse!
-L'expression orale & écrite -La compréhension orale & écrite -La culture chinoise (Je suis également douée pour la calligraphie chinoise et la peinture traditionnelle) -Cours personnalisés selon votre niveau et vos besoins -Pour enfants et adultes -Sans limite d'âge / niveau ----------------------- -Writing -Reading -Listening -Speaking -Chinese culture(I am also good at Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting) -Personalized courses based on your level and needs -No age limit, children& adults are both welcome Do not hesitate to contact me! :D

Interactive English Course- English Made Easy and Fun
Do you want to learn English for work? For Uni? Or just for fun? Whatever the reason, I can help you achieve your language goals. English can be a hard language to learn. From spelling to pronunciation, there are just some words that make no sense. But have no fear! I am here to help!

Russian teacher, concert pianist lessons for all levels by WEBCAM and at the teacher's home
Professor from Moscow, concert pianist, composer with 25 years of experience gives lessons for all levels at home and BY WEBCAM in French, English and Russian! We play classical, jazz, cinematic music, at 4 but. Preparation for competitions and auditions.

Music lessons for guitar, singing, music production and songwriting
I have been a professional musician for over 10 years. My songs have over 50 million streams and I’ve played in front of thousands of people whilst on tour across the world. I can teach you whatever you would like to learn, for example: Singing, guitar, songwriting, music production/ mixing. All I need to know from you is what you want to get better at. We will set you a clear goal and make sure you achieve your full potential! Im really looking forward to taking you further than you ever thought possible with your music.

Learning music by piano or synth
Learning to play the piano, or the synth, is an excellent way to also learn music in the general sense of the term, a basic learning that will also allow you to learn other instruments more easily. The piano is the melody, the rhythm, the chords, the bass, it's all there! On the basis of exercises referring to known pieces of the pop-rock-variety-jazzy repertoire etc... we will learn to understand how music "works" and of course to interpret it. The courses are individual, tailor-made and inherited from an experience of more than 15 years!

Tutoring and/or tutoring in English, French and German
It is close to my heart that students are falling behind through no fault of their own due to the partial closure of schools due to the lockdown. As a language enthusiast, I am ready to tutor students from Arnhem and the surrounding area in English, German and French on Friday, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening or Thursday evening. It is 1-on-1 guidance at our kitchen table. Together we go through the grammar again or we look at homework assignments or upcoming tests.

English tutoring for children from primary education to adults
English is the most important communication language on earth, not being able to do it would make contact with other people a bit more difficult. That is why I enjoy tutoring the English language, with the aim of being able to communicate fluently and start a conversation with English speakers. You learn the basics and grammar in a playful and educational way. English is not difficult and certainly not impossible, and I would consider it a huge honor if I could help you with that. Lessons don't have to be boring! Very often I will even recommend books and songs that you can read or listen to in your spare time, so that you are still in touch with English in everyday life and not just during tutoring or at school. Watching movies or series in English will also help you a lot with this, but I will definitely come back to that during the tutoring.

Spanish, Analysis of texts, Grammar for adults
The Spanish course is very dynamic and creative, I teach you with current and modern pedagogies that will allow you to learn faster without getting bored and abandoning the objectives set. The most important thing is to speak correctly if you want to go out but if you want to study more deeply I teach you to analyze texts according to your interests.

Singing lessons - Classical/Jazz/Rock - wholistic approach
Would you like to find your voice? Would you like to discover what you can learn and do with singing? Do you aspire to become a singer or you are just curious? Then I think I can help! I’m a classical singer based in Brussels. My career consists of performing as a soloist in opera houses, with orchestras and fantastic musicians. Besides that, I love teaching and I’ve been doing it for 10 years! I teach to all levels and ages! I have experience in jazz and rock music, as well as a wholistic approach to singing! I have my own studio in central Brussels for lessons! Master's Diploma from Conservatory of Amsterdam

Dutch and English lessons in Brussels, St Gillis, cours de Néerlandais ou Anglais
Dutch is my native language and I have been teaching the language to both beginners and advanced students for over 10 years. I adapt the material and content flexibly to the needs of the student. I have also been teaching English to adults and children for several years now. I have a master's degree in fine arts and a degree in education. I look forward to hearing from you. Greetings, Charlotte

Language courses this summer - French, German and Spanish
I offer you language lessons during the summer period of 2022. In order for your language learning to go as smoothly as possible, we will look together for creative and fun methods of working. I offer private or group lessons, at home or online. For more information, do not hesitate to write to me. See you soon, Marina

School Support for Transition Cycle and Secondary I (10-15 years)
My name is Arthur, 20 years old and I obtained my gymnasium maturity in June 2019 at the Gymnase de La Cité in Lausanne. I am currently studying political science at the University of Lausanne. Passionate about history, interested in languages and the world around us, I also like to transmit my interests and my knowledge, so it is with pleasure that I would be available to help a child in his school career. Having a German-speaking father and having obtained the German C1 certificate last year, I could be useful to students in the transition cycle and secondary I in this subject. Mathematics (compulsory discipline and not OS), English, history, geography and French are all subjects for which I can be useful to you, with a view to orientation in the VP or VG path or in the perspective of school-leaving exams, for example. Having done all my schooling in the Lavaux, at EPSCL, I am familiar with the Vaud school system and could especially be useful to students studying in this institution. With patience, perseverance and motivation, I hope I can help you become familiar with a language you have trouble in, as well as give you methods of learning in other subjects.

Homework help in English or Spanish, at home
Mastering English and Spanish at a professional level, I am able to help you improve your understanding, writing or speaking in these two languages. I can also intervene for help in French because it is my mother tongue.

School support and French classes for all levels
As a retired primary school teacher, I give tutoring classes (primary and first degree) and French for newcomers of all ages in Brussels. (Vocabulary, grammar, syntax, spelling, listening comprehension and reading, conversation). The course will be adapted according to your difficulties, I can follow a school program or work more freely. More info or interested? Contact me in MP

School Support and Homework Help - Primary and Middle School and High School
From primary to high school, homework is a fairly important part of the day of a schoolboy, college student, high school student and can sometimes be a source of problems of understanding, concentration…. For this, I want to support young people who want it in the work at home part and help them to answer certain problems.

Piano and singing lessons for beginners and advanced
Piano and singing lessons for beginners and advanced students. Musictheory general tuition in and preparation Grade 5 exam Student led lessons running at individual learning pace of each student. Classical and contemporary style with patient experienced teacher. Specially designed courses for adult and child beginners. Preparation for ABRSM exams GCSE tuition.

Cours de Piano, Solfège et Théorie de la musique pour débutants et intermédiaires
J'ai été élève au Conservatoire de Marseille de mes 6 à mes 14 ans. J'ai fait une licence de Musicologie pendant un an et demi (avant de me rediriger vers du théâtre et de la philosophie). Je propose des cours alliant précision et plaisir dans l'apprentissage de la musique, loin de la tension de certains cours en conservatoire.

Cours particuliers ou aide aux devoirs du CP au Cm2
Enseignante diplômée propose une pédagogie individualisée et/ou une aide aux devoirs du CP au Cm2. Mon but est de faire progresser l’élève sans le surcharger. Je travaille avec les différentes mémoires de l'enfant en passant par la mémoire auditive, visuelle et dans la manipulation.

Cours de peinture et de dessin : crayon de bois, encre de chine, peinture à l'huile, aquarelle, pastelle.
Je vous propose des cours de peinture et de dessin : crayon de bois, encre de chine, peinture à l'huile, aquarelle, pastelle... Je suis artiste peintre professionnelle, je suis diplômée de l'académie des beaux arts de Tbilissi (Géorgie) avec un master. J'ai pris part à de nombreux expositions et concours en Géorgie, et j'ai de l'expérience avec la pédagogie. Je suis prête à partager le savoir et l'expérience acquis pendant de nombreux années avec tous ceux qui désirent apprendre ou se perfectionner en peinture ou dessin.