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25 photography teachers in France

Are you passionate about photography, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the complexity of image processing? Do you want to bring your photos to life, make them vibrant, sharp and memorable? Look no further, our Lightroom image processing course is here to guide you every step of the way. Who should attend ? This course is designed for beginners and photography enthusiasts who want to master Adobe Lightroom, one of the most powerful and popular image processing software in the world. You do not need any prior knowledge of photo editing to take this course. What you will learn: 1. Introduction to Lightroom: Get familiar with Lightroom's user-friendly interface and learn how to import and organize your photos. 2. Basic Adjustments: Learn how to adjust brightness, contrast, white balance and sharpness to instantly improve your images. 3. Advanced Retouching: Master advanced retouching techniques, such as removing imperfections, enhancing colors, and correcting perspective. 4. Using Filters: Learn how to use graduated and radial filters to add vibrancy to your photos. 5. Creating Presets: Learn how to create and use presets to save time and give a consistent look to your images. 6. Library Management: Efficiently organize your photo collection for easy retrieval. 7. **Professional Export:** Learn how to export your images for online use or printing while preserving their quality. Why choose our course? - Personalized Tutoring: You will benefit from individual support throughout the course to answer your specific questions. - Practical Exercises: Put what you learn into practice with concrete exercises to strengthen your skills. Transform your photos into masterpieces with our Lightroom image processing course. Join us today and discover the power of creative photo editing! Register now to reserve your place. Don't wait to unleash the full potential of your photos!
Trusted teacher: // Practice English while gaining movie and photography skills with the video editing / editing software - Premiere Pro and Photoshop \\ From being both a freelance filmmaker and a photographer combined with an extensive educational, tutoring and practical workshop instructional experience: my classes focus on the core essential skills that you need to begin your creative journey .... all the while practicing your English! I believe the best method of learning is getting you on your feet! Therefore, my classes balance theory and getting creative. I offer: - Filmmaking / Photography Core Principles: How to use your camera effectively, basics of shooting, artist research / inspiration and editing the results (using Premiere Pro or Photoshop) - Analog Photography: 35mm basics: Learn how to shoot analog 35mm movie -Intermediate and Advanced classes in both: Learn more hidden techniques I am open to catering my classes around any technique or genre that interests you so-so let me know and I can design the class around you! Thank you, Mike ------------------------- Filmmaker and independent photographer, combined with extensive experience in teaching, tutoring and hands-on workshops: my classes focus on the essential essential skills you need to start your creative journey ... while practicing your English! I think the best way to learn is to get started and practice what you've learned! As a result, my classes balance the theory and become creative. I offer: - Fundamentals of filmmaking / photography: How to use your camera effectively, basics of shooting, artist search / genre inspiration and editing results (using Premiere Pro or Photoshop) - Analog photography: 35mm bases: Learn to film 35mm analog movies - intermediate and advanced courses in both: Learn more complicated techniques I am open to the restoration of my courses around any technique or genre that interests you, so let me know and I can design the course around you! Thank you, Mike
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Photoshop, Illustrator, for beginner and intermediate (Geneva)
Benoit definitely knows Adobe products and gives clear easy to follow instructions. I really appreciated his patience and calm demeanor with my many questions. I would highly recommend Benoit
Review by KRISTI
private lessons French, English in a good mood (Toulouse)
She is a good teacher. I recommend. She uses different means to ensure the student gets the understanding. She takes care of revision of previous lessons. She has patience to handle young kid.
Review by HIMANSHU
English Lessons form a Native Speaker - Immersive Learning - Any Level! (Paris)
This lady is very patient and happy to help. It was the best decision to choose her! Highly recommend!
Review by VIKTORIA