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172 earth and life sciences teachers in France

Dear, Student in Master of Psycho-Sociology and employee at Kangourou Kids, I would really like to be an integral part of your teaching team. As part of homework help with children aged 12 and 10, I was able to put into practice my theoretical knowledge in teaching that I assimilated in class and through my personal reading. I was able to discover how essential soft skills are to the exercise of this profession because these skills make it possible to understand the student by apprehending his mental paterns and thought architectures in order to adapt to them. By securing it, they lead the student to get out of anxiety-provoking paradigms such as the fear of failure, the overestimation of the difficulty, the devaluation of his aptitudes which inhibit learning. Obstacles often arise from vicious circles where the more the student encounters concerns, the more he will lose interest in the subject. Subsequent to his unpleasant experience, this can lead him to lose interest, unfortunately even to the point of rejecting the discipline by cutting off its appropriation (for example: "maths, it's not for me"). Negative experiences induce avoidance and flight-thought behaviors such as loss of concentration and digressions. Teaching fascinates me because it allows to short-circuit these mental reflexes and to propose alternative methods to those previous when the latter did not correspond to the student. Over the course of the successes, the child again welcomes the reading grids specific to the subject. This relearning process contributes to giving him the keys to being comfortable with the ways of thinking conveyed by the discipline. There will be a virtuous circle where the more easily he handles these mental tools, the more confidence in him and in discipline will be self-evident. This approach will be very encouraging and his relationship with the material will become fulfilling. The challenge of the teacher is then to discover the methods that appeal to the student, which are a source of motivation, of satisfaction, to transmit the desire to learn. Each student has their unique ways of translating reality, preferences, aspirations and skills that are fascinating to explore because this is what will make their individuality and the pride of their parents. Understanding the student is essential to find the most suitable approach to his mental processes and thus personalize his acquisition of knowledge because by giving more meaning, the student incorporates the heuristic fabric and the methodological insights of the sciences. Thanking you for the attention paid to my request, please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my respectful greetings. Yours, Ophelia
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